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Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Fire
Resistances Corruption
Immune ??
Special Drop Rewards

Kinki is an Enemy in Nioh 2. Kinki is a Cyclops Yokai covered in protective spirit stones.


Enemy Description

  • Kinki is one of the four demons said to have been employed by Fujiwara no Chikata. In the Taiheiki, Fujiwara no Chikata is described as a very powerful noble of the Heian period, who controlled the region surrounding the border of Iga and Ise. He is said to have possessed powers beyond human understanding, and was able to enlist the service of four demons when launching a rebellion against the imperial court. Kinki thoroughly tormented the empreror's troops with its adamantine body, which deflected everything from arrow toswords, and its terrifying strength. According to the poem by Kinotomo, who was dispatched to subjugate the rebels , the four demons were eventually forced to retreat, and Fujiwara no Chikata met his end on the battlefield.
  • The four demons, with their spectacular supernatural powers, are said to be the precursors of the ninja we know today. Kinki’s flesh is coated in hard Spirit Stones, so attacking these reinforced areas is largely useless. While one may hesitate to fight Kinki heade-on due to its imposing appearance, its front is only part of its body that is not coated in Spirit Stones, so charging directly at it is actually a viable strategy. Elemental attacks are also effective against Kinki. 


Kinki Locations & Drops


Combat Information

  • This enemy is based off of the One-Eyed Oni, and has many similar attacks as the basis of its own moveset, but with twists designed to catch you if you assume it's the same attack. Examples include:
    • Instead of just throwing the one rock, it will throw two, and sometimes follow up that with the dropkick. This is the only opportunity to hit the Eye with melee attacks.
    • Instead of looking confused and leaving himself open after a failed grapple attempt, it will immediately try attacking again with another grapple, charging toward you.
    • Generally it has many more options past melee distance compared to the original, so while shooting it's eye is still a powerful tactic, it is more dangerous to do so.
  • It has two burst attacks: a charge similar to it's Yokai Skill, and it pulling a large section of the ground before slamming into you.
  • Occasionally, it will get into a blocking stance, using it's arms to reduce damage. This is a perfect opportunity to go behind it and attack a couple times. It will attempt to use it's weight to slam you, but the attack is easy to dodge and leaves him open for an extended period of time.

Notes & Trivia

  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.
  • Memories - “I’m happy to fight anyone…at any time. Just tell me who should bear the full brunt of my might.”




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    • Anonymous

      I can't catch right timing to counter its slam attack. Should i counter the beginning, when it grabs the ground or the slam itself? Or both are counterable? The ****er deals 6k+ damage on 40th floor of the Underworld, instakilling me with this attack D: Ik it's dodgable, but i'd like to know how to do a counter, i'm using Phantom btw.

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