Skeleton Warrior

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Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Purity
Resistances Corruption
Immune --
Special Drop Skeleton Warrior Soul Core

Skeleton Warrior is an Enemy in Nioh 2. Skeleton Warrior is an Armored Skeleton Yokai that attacks with the typical tools of war such as Katanas. They are found since the early missions of Nioh 2.


Enemy Description

  • Yokai taking the form of armored skeletons. Warriors who are unprepared for their death when it comes, or who take their own lives, return as these angry spirits to roam the battlefield and assault the living indiscriminately.
  • Being half-decayed skeletons, Skeleton Warriors lack stamina, but they feel no pain and will not stop fighting until they are completely destroyed. They often attack in groups armed with swords and spears, so care must be taken not to become surrounded by them.


Skeleton Warrior Locations & Drops


Combat Information

  • Global
    • Unlike most other Yokai, draining their Ki will immediately knock them down, setting them up for a Final Blow. You can hit them once while they are on the ground before doing so; either way, they will slowly get up from off the ground. The larger, Axe/ Hammer wielding varieties will occasionally try to grapple you when they get up instead, typically after getting knocked down multiple times in a row without dying.
    • Similarly, attacks that knock down human enemies like One-legged Fury will immediately knock them down as well, with an even greater variety of attacks knocking down the smaller ones, like Iai Quickdraw II.
    • Like their description states, they have little Ki compared to other Yokai, even the larger ones.
  • Small Skeletons
    • All of them have either a sword or spear. Every attack can be parried by Water Shadow or Haze from the sword, and they can get staggered by any attack. Their attacks don't do much Ki damage, so you can block safely. However, if you do get hit they actually do a very large amount of damage, so while they can be easily dealt with if focused on, they also can kill you quickly if you are inattentive or careless. In the Dark Realm, instead of a normal dodge they will quickly disassemble and reassemble themselves, dodge must faster and immediately counter attacking. They will get up much faster from running out of Ki, while attacking with their disassembled body.
      • Spear: This is the kind that is in the training grounds. It only has three attacks: two horizontal swipes; two spear thrusts; and a long range lunging stab, the most damaging attack. It will not attempt to do the same attacks twice, and won't use the lunge up close. After attack they tend to dodge as son as they are able, so if you want to hit them with a slow attack you should delay it.
      • Sword: It also has a small movelist. It will no repeat attacks, and tends to dodge after attempting an attack. They have an extremely high damage, reckless slash combo they can use, but it is one of the slowest attacks in the game, and they screech before doing it, making it extreamly easy to notice.
        • Occasionally, you will find Skeletons with a ranged weapon. Up close they switch to the sword, and they have significantly less health. If they use a bow, it will deal extra fire damage.
  • Large Skeletons
    • These are Axe/ Hammer wielding enemies. They don't get staggered by anything while they have Ki, and they have significantly more health. In the dark realm, they much more frequently attempt to grapple you when they recover from being winded.
    • They have two burst counter attacks: A long range, fast spinning attack, and a slow slam with their weapon that creates a shockwave.
    • Their most dangerous attack is a much slower and better tracking version of their spinning attack. It does a large amount of damage and a significant amount of Ki damage on block, making dodging dangerous. The best way to deal with is to just dodge the swings, while potentially creating space, since it doesn't go nearly as far.

 All Types of Skeleton Warriors

Spear spearscheleton
Rifle rifleskeleton
Cannon  shotgun
Axe mega skeleton

Notes & Trivia

  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.
  • Memories - “Head into battle…Let me restore my honor…”




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