A Way Out is a Main Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 59, has a difficulty level of 5, and features both human and yokai enemies. A Way Out tasks players to find and follow Mumyo and to retreat from Kanegasaki. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.



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A Way Out

Mission Start Text

As things stand, the Azai and Asakura forces pressing from the north and south will trap us. Our only option is for one of us to stay behind and buy some time so the others can escape. Problem is, that's about as high risk as it gets.

But just think - a challenge like this is the perfect way to show what Hideyoshi has got, am I right? We'll ask Lord Nobunga to let us take the rear guard, and lead the retreat.

Mission End Text

We did it Hiddy! We cut our way through, even without those reinforcements. Where in the hell were Mitsuhide and his forces? Well, Lord Nobunga is safe, and that's all that matters! But don't think we can afford to relax for a second, partner. Lord Nobunga will be returning to Gifu with Matsunaga Hishaide's assistance and planning for an immediate counterattack.

... I still can't quite believe that Mumyo was Sohaya all along. I guess that explains why she was so cold to you, with you yokai blood and all. But I'm glad you're finally building bridges. I've got a feeling we'll be needing her help again.

With a veteran like Lord Mitsuhide and his forces on our side, we've got nothing to worry about. So come on, let's fight our way out of here and slow the enemy down!

Kodama Locations

  • The first Kodama can be found at the starting point. Upon entering the forest, go west where you'll encounter a soldier, armored dog, and archer. Kill and head past the enemies and go up the stairs leading to the cliff where the archer was. From there, jump down from the roof of the house and check the corner where you'll find the Kodama.
  • In the area where the spotlight is, you'll find the second Kodama, it's on the west side before reaching the small hut that's straight ahead. You'll find it behind some inclined planks
  • When you reach a split path from the small hut after the area where the spotlight is. Go east towards a large hut where you'll encounter more soldiers. You can find the Kodama inside a large pot just outside the hut.
  • From the second shrine, head further until you encounter a Biwa-Boku-boku sitting on a branch. Kill it then work your way around the corner and towards its position. Walk up to the edge of the tree branch where a corpse is, then jump down to the branch below you where you'll find the Kodama.
  • The fifth Kodama can be found in the 2nd area that has another moving spotlight that's being patrolled by a Mitsume Yazura. Dispel the dark realm first, then you'll notice a One-Eyed Imp yokai that's standing at a corner by the bushes. Kill it then search the spot where it was standing, you'll find the Kodama hiding in the bushes.
  • The sixth Kodama can be found under the stairs of the temple's entrance. The path leading the temple can be found from where the fifth Kodama's location.
  • From the third kodama shrine, head towards the gate that leads to the boss at the end of the village. There's a house on the right where a Yamanba is and a large chest. Go out the back of the house and you'll find some large pots at the corner, the Kodama is behind the pots.

Sudama Locations

  • From the area where you encounter the moving spotlight, go straight and you'll find a small hut where you'll find a Yamanba inside. Head inside and go out the other door where you'll find the Sudama.
  • From the red torii gate of the temple,  go straight until you come across a split path. Take the path that's on the right and follow the trees that have glowing mushrooms on it. You'll find the Sudama at the end near a corpse that's lying at the edge of a wooden plank.

Scampuss Locations

  • Ahead from the starting point, you'll come across a large tree that has mushrooms on it that's next to a bamboo torch, you'll see a small set of stairs on the right side and you'll find the first Scampuss behind the large stone.

Spa Locations

  • The spa (hot spring) can be found at a section after passing a temple. It's guarded by a One-eyed Oni and it can be found just past it and behind a shack.

Locks Locations

  • Onmyo Mage's Locks can be looted from a corpse that's by the closed door of a temple. The path leading to the temple can be found in the second area where the moving spotlight is encountered.
  • Ninja's Locks can be found on a high cliff at the village near the third Kodama shrine. You'll need to work your way via the rooftops and climb the ladder at the end of the path. At the top, you'll find a corpse that has the item.


A Way Out Walkthrough


A cinematic starts first when you start the mission. The year is April 1570 and players arrive at Kanegasaki in the Echizen Province, you'll find the first Kodama shrine ahead of the starting point. Speak to the mysterious guy twice who's standing near the shrine to learn more about the objective and to obtain Sacred Arrow. Head up the hill towards the forest where you'll encounter an armored dog roaming around the broken houses.


From the entrance of the forest, go west and you'll see an archer standing on the cliff. Kill the dog and archer, then continue west where you'll encounter a sword-wielding soldier ahead. Head past the soldier and you'll find a set of stairs that goes up the cliff where the archer was. There's another soldier that's looting, so kill it first then jump down the right side from the roof of the house where you'll find a corpse you can loot and the first Kodama that's at the corner. After guiding the Kodama, drop down into the tunnel where you'll come across two soldiers that's resting. Go straight and climb up the ladder.


Next, go straight and up the slope where you'll encounter an Odachi-wielding soldier that's roaming, just past him, there's a corpse you can loot for 3x Signpost Amulet and a memory. You'll also see a ladder that you'll need to kick down later, so ignore it for now, and keep going straight.


From the large tree beside a bamboo torch, you'll see a small set of stairs on the right side. You'll find the first Scampuss behind the large stone.


After finding the Scampuss, proceed forward where you'll see another large tree at the center. You'll also see a moving spotlight and a Yamanba yokai that's going around the tree, if you look up to the upper right side of the tree, you'll see that the light is coming from a large yokai that looks like an owl. You can fight the Yamanba at the left side, behind the tree to avoid getting caught under the spotlight, there's also a Gaki ahead and a Skeleton Warrior. - MAKE SURE TO NOT GET CAUGHT BY THE LIGHT OR TRY AND SHOOT THE OWL OR ELSE IT WILL SEND OUT A SIGNAL TO ALERT ANY NEARBY YOKAI IN THE AREA, AND IT WILL CONJURE THE DARK REALM.


If ever you are caught, you can run away from the area for the owl to lose track of you, however, that same area will still be engulfed with the dark realm which you'll need to dispel by killing the source. The source will appear as a red orb that shoots out black projectiles and will only appear if you are caught by the owl. Destroying the red orb will dispel the dark realm and kill the owl.


In the same area where the spotlight is, you'll find the second Kodama, it's on the west side before reaching the small hut that's straight ahead. You'll find it behind some inclined planks


Keep going straight and you'll find a small hut. There's a Yamanba inside sharpening its knife, and just outside, on the left side of the door, there's a Gaki behind some wooden boxes. There's a small chest inside the house.


From inside the hut, go out the other door and you'll find the first Sudama outside. After trading with the Sudama, head outside the hut and continue straight past the hut, you'll find a ladder at the end that you can kick down to open a shortcut that leads back near the starting point - after kicking the ladder down, go up the slope and you'll come across a split path that goes east and west.


Before going east, kill the archer that's looting a corpse on a wooden platform on the west side. After killing him, go east and you'll encounter a spear-wielding soldier that's roaming. Go past him and straight where you'll see a large hut and another soldier that's cooking. Kill him and the other soldier that's guarding the gate. There's another soldier inside the hut and a large chest.


Just outside the hut, you'll find a large pot. Break it and you'll find the third Kodama inside it. Before you go back up to the path where the archer was, search the gravesite outside the hut where you'll find a corpse that you can loot.


As you head further into the forest, you'll come across a long wooden bridge that is being guarded by a Gaki. Before you cross, make sure to loot the corpse beside the bridge. On the other side, there will be a Mitsume Yazura yokai that's patrolling and eventually, it will walk onto the bridge. Try to draw it towards you and away from the bridge so that you can focus on killing it. Once it's dead, go back to the bridge, and just before you reach the other side, ready your bow, and aim up towards the cliff ahead, you'll see a Warrior Skeleton wielding a bow - before you proceed further, there's a body that you can loot next to a tree that has glowing mushrooms on the right side near the other side of the bridge.


Continue forward and up the slope where you'll find a small corner with Jizo statutes and the second Kodama shrine.

The Second Shrine


From the shrine, head towards the wooden planks and climb the ladder that's on your left. You'll find a Gaki that's on the roof waiting to ambush you from above, you can use a grapple attack to kill it by surprise. Next, jump back down and walk to the other roof of the house that's on the right side, there's another Warrior Skeleton standing on the roof. There's a hole on the roof that you can jump into so that you can surprise the Yamanba inside the house. There's also a small chest that you can open. After clearing the inside of the house, head outside and walk up to the tree that's in the middle. You'll find a glowing pot that you can destroy that temporarily purifies your weapon - if you walk to the right side of the tree, a One-eyed Imp will jump out from the bushes and attack you, make sure you kill it as fast as you can before it transforms into a full-grown One-eyed Oni.


Next, continue forward and you'll see a bloody grave in the middle of the path. If you walk up to it, you'll hear a roaring sound, and when you approach it, its spirit will appear and attack you. Don't approach the grave first, but instead look up to the branch above you and you'll see a Biwa Boku-boku yokai that has the ability to invoke the spirit of nearby revenants. Ready your bow or rifle to shoot it down to stop it from invoking the nearby revenant. Once you've killed the Biwa-Boku-boku, walk up a little further, and just around the corner, you'll see two Warrior Skeleton, one on the branch ahead, and the other on the right just above you.


After killing the enemies, go up and then turn right towards the tree branch where the Biwa-Boku-boku was. Walk to the edge where you'll see a corpse that you can loot, then jump down to the other branch that's below you where you'll find the fourth Kodama. After guiding the Kodama, go back down and continue forward where you'll reach another area that hs a moving spotlight.


In this area, there's a Mitsume Yazura that's going around, so try to shoot it to grab its attention and to bait it away from the spotlight. This way you can fight it without worrying about getting caught by the light. Apart from the Mitsume Yazura, the other Yokai in the area is a Yamanba, a One-eyed Imp, four Gaki, two Warrior Skeleton - if ever you get caught or if you want to dispel the realm and obtain a trophy, you can find the red orb which is the source on the far right side of the area - if you've disabled the red orb make sure you check the area for loot before you continue further.


You'll find the fifth Kodama in the same area as well. At the corner of the area, from where you killed One-eyed Imp, walk towards where it was standing, you'll find it hiding in the bushes. Apart from the Kodama, there are some corpses that you can loot - after clearing the area, go up the stairs and continue forward where you'll come across a tree that you can knockdown which can take you back to the second Kodama shrine.


Assuming you've knocked down the tree, go back to the area where the spotlight was and go the left side where you'll find a path that leads to a temple. There's a corpse that you can loot that's on the tree branch, but you'll want to shoot the Warrior Skeleton wielding a rifle first that's standing next to the red torii gate. After killing the yokai and searching the body on the tree branch, head towards the torii gate. Before you proceed to the steps of the temple, ready your bow and aim at the right side of the temple there's a soldier wielding a rifle. Apart from that, by the steps of the temple, there's an armored dog that's hiding in the bushes, waiting to ambush you.


After you've killed all the enemies, go up to the closed temple. You'll find two things here, under the stairs of the temple, you'll find the sixth Kodama.


While the corpse that you can loot that's by the closed door is where you can obtain x1 Herbal Remedy and x1 Onmyo Mage's Locks. After obtaining ht locks and finding the Kodama, go to the right side of the temple, you'll see a tree branch that you can walk up to that has another glowing pot containing purification effects and a Karasu Tengu that's blocking the path underneath the pot. You can try to shoot the yokai from afar until you kill it - after killing the yokai, walk up to the tree branch, jump down to planks, and continue forward where you'll find a split path that goes left and right.


Go right and follow the trees with the glowing mushrooms. You'll find the second Sudama at the end near a corpse that's at the edge of a wooden plank. After trading with it, go back and head towards the opposite path where you'll encounter a One-eyed Imp. At the end of the path, you'll see another hut and Yamanba that's inside - kill the yokai and check open the small chest that's inside the hut.


Head outside the house and you'll see another glowing pot outside a locked house in front of the hut. You'll want to grab the purification effect for your weapon before facing the yokai that's within the mist ahead of you - the yokai within the mist is a Mitsume Yazura.


Before you continue forward, you'll want to go back to where the One-eyed Imp was and head to the lower area where you'll see a One-eyed Oni. Kill it and just past it, you'll find a shack that has a large chest inside. Behind the shack, you'll also find the hot spring for this mission - after that's done, go back to the area where you fought the Mitsume Yazura yokai.


Ahead of the wooden gate, you'll see two Gaki that's eating a corpse. Kill it both, loot the body to obtain another memory and some items, and continue forward where you'll find Mumyo. Speak to her and she'll give you x1 Clay Bell of Beckoning - at the path below, you'll find the third Kodama shrine and a small tombstone containing another memory and x1 Inspiritng Gem.

Third Shrine


From the third shrine, you'll find yourself at a village section that is engulfed with the Dark Realm, by the entrance, there's a Karakasa Umbrella yokai that will ambush you. Before heading inside the dark realm, you'll want to kill the Warrior Skeleton first that's wielding a rifle that's ahead of you. From the spot where the Warrior Skeleton was, there will be another Warrior Skeleton that's on a bamboo bridge on the roof of a house that will shoot you. You can shoot it from where you're positioned with your rifle or bow, apart from that, you can scout the area and try to take out other nearby Yokai that's below you by shooting them with your ranged weapons - when you're ready, go back down and head to the village.


In the dark realm, there are more Yokai inside such as a Warrior Skeleton, Karakasa Umbrella, One-eyed Oni, and the source of the dark realm which you'll want to try and kill last which is the Mitsume Yazura. Try to bait the One-eyed Oni first outside the realm, since its the first one you'll see when you step inside the field


Assuming you've already killed the Mitsume Yazura and cleared the dark realm, go back to the entrance of the village and check the house that's on the west side of the village entrance. There's a body inside that you can loot and you'll hear a yokai groaning which means there's a Nurikabe wall in the house. Try using the gesture: "Backflip" for it to allow you to pass without fighting it. Behind the Nurikabe is a backdoor path where you'll find a Warrior Skeleton standing next to a glowing pot - at the end of it, you'll come out of a house in the inner part of the village.


The main objective of the mission is just ahead of the village where you'll face the boss of this mission. But before you head inside, you'll want to search and clear out the village first for loot. Near the gate leading to the boss, there's a bouse on the right where you'll find a Yamanba in it, kill the yokai and check the house where you'll find a large chest. In the same house, go out the back and you'll find the seventh Kodama behind some large pots.


Another thing is, you'll want to head to the rooftops and look for a ladder that leads to a higher cliff. At the top, you'll find a Benevolent Grave and a corpse that you can loot containing x1 Ninja's Locks. To get to the rooftops, you must jump off the cliff and onto the rooftops where the first Warrrior Skeleton was near the third shrine. The path's pretty straightforward and you won't miss the ladder at the end but just be careful since there's mist containing a yokai which is another Karasu Tengu along the way.


When you've cleared the village and have made further preparations, proceed to the gate where you'll fight the boss for this mission.

Boss Battle: Tatarimokke


Here, you'll face the Tatarimokke. It's the one responsible for giving you a hard time maneuvering around the forest and avoiding the spotlights. You'll want to have an NPC companion assist you for this battle or team up with your friends. The Tatarimokke has quite a long-range when it swings its wings forward, it will also fly around the area and shoot those dark orbs at you as well as its feathers. It has a burst attack that you can easily counter where it flies up into the air before diving towards your location. Sometimes if it misses you when it does its burst attack, its head will turn around and it will shoot a laser beam from its middle eye. So try to counter its burst attack.


When it starts to conjure the dark realm, the area will be pitch black and a red orb will appear at random spots. When this happens, have someone from your team find the red orb and attack it for the realm to disappear and to stop it from shooting those dark orbs. Successfully killing the Tatarimokke drops some valuable items, its soul core, Tatarimokke Soul Core, and completes the mission.


Also, after the cinematic, you'll be possessed and obtain Mumyo's guardian spirit, Yaonami-Hime.






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      In case you are tired (or just irritated) by "spotlight" moments -- this is a way to remove them from level (at least -- for current playthrough).

      Once you are spotted -- do not panic (good idea in general) and look around. Somewhere on the side of an area, in a reachable place, there will be a hovering red sphere. Go to it and give it a few whacks with your melee weapon (shooting just does not do enough damage -- at least for me). Once you have destroyed it -- demon owl will leave this place, and you can finally explore to your heart's content.

      As far as I have noticed (and, for a moment, I am not in the mood to replay and experiment), this sphere will appear only after you were caught in "spotlight", so -- no ninja-ing in shadows.

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