Scampuss are special NPCs in Nioh 2. These Yokai can be found cowering and hidden, and interacting with them gives a buff to Anima generation. This page features the Locations of all the Scampuss in Nioh 2.


Scampuss in Nioh 2

  • "A Scampuss is a yokai in the form of a particularly corpulent cat. While it is known to entangle itself in the legs of passerby, making walking a little more difficult, it is hard to say it poses any real threat. In fact, some people claim an encounter with this fleshy feline soothes their weary bodies, among other pleasant effects."
  • "Similar to Scampuss are yokai like Obo and Notsugo, which resemble other animals such as weasels or dogs. It is said that these yokai were once babies or young children who suffered untimely deaths, and thus rub themselves against strangers in search of their mother's warmth."
  • "A Scampuss who is treated with cruelty is quite the sight, as its anger causes it to swell up like a puffer fish. As it remains harmless even in this angered state, there are those who go out of their way to torment the poor yokai, thinking its appearance amusing. One can only hope that these unkind souls will eventually reap what they sow."


All Scampuss Locations in Nioh 2

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Main Missions
Sub Missions


The Village of Cursed Blossoms

  1. The Scampuss can be found where you find the last Kodama before heading inside the shrine that has a dark realm. It's resting by the bushes on high-ground where the enemy human archer was.

The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames

  1. The first Scampuss can be found near the starting point, you'll find it behind the house that's on the west side where you'll see some stairs leading to an open barn.
  2. The second Scampuss is inside a house where you encounter the first dark realm that's engulfed around the village. The house is near the path of a ladder that you can kick down to open up a shortcut leading the 2nd Kodama shrine.
  3. The third Scampuss can be found on the first floor of the burning Great Forge, it's just by the entrance on the right side behind some wooden boxes.

The Viper's Sanctum

  1. You'll find one behind some boxes at the inner sanctum where you'll face a Nure-Onna that's within a mist of the dark realm.
  2. The 2nd Scampuss can be found inside a cave that's on the east near the broken bridge of the inner sanctum. It's near where the 2nd serpent's statue is.
  3. The third Scampuss can be found behind some boxes on the right side of the entrance of the Viper's Sanctum which is the main objective of the mission.

The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama

  1. The first Scampuss can be found behind some baskets where you encounter the 2nd Yamanba outside the first cave.
  2. The second Scampuss can be found along the path where the hot spring is, it's behind some boxes on the left side.

The Mysterious One Night Castle

  1. The first Scampuss can be found in the forest near the starting area. Head towards the path where you encounter an Aberrant Soldier.
  2. The second Scampuss can be found behind a large water bucket at the backside of the house where you encounter the Enki inside the second dark realm of the inner fort.
  3. You'll find it beside a tree next to the hot spring which is at the exit of the fort.

The Hollow Fortress

  1. The first Scampuss can be found in the underground prison cells. Ride the lift all the way to the top and make your way to the far west side of the corridors of the prison cells, you'll find the Scampuss at the end that's being guarded by a sword-wielding soldier.
  2. Found inside an open house within some well-structured houses. From the second Kodama shrine, go around it and you'll find the houses where you'll encounter a Dweller and a Rokurokubi outside the open house.
  3. Enter the castle from the east gate by unlocking it with the castle gate key. When you enter and find yourself in a corridor, look behind the large shelf that's at the end near the stairs.

A Way Out

  1. Ahead from the starting point, you'll come across a large tree that has mushrooms on it that's next to a bamboo torch, you'll see a small set of stairs on the right side and you'll find the first Scampuss behind the large stone.

Corpses and Ice

  1. The first Scampuss can be found inside the second small barn past the broken bridge that's near the starting area.
  2. At the second shrine, the second Scampuss can be found inside the room that's on the right side of the center building where you face Magara Takamoto.
  3. The third Scampuss can be found inside the third dark realm across the bridge from the third shrine. Upon entering the dark realm, walk up a bit and you'll see an enclosure on the left where a Gaki is standing. You'll find the Scampuss there as well.

Bird in a Cage

  1. First Scampuss can be found inside a cave near the second shrine. Before going up the incline, look to your left and you'll find a cave entrance.
  2. The second Scampuss can be found inside the castle. From the basement, head up the stairs and go inside the room on the left. You'll find it behind some crates.

Pervading Waters

  1. For the first Scampuss, from the second shrine, go right towards the broken bridge and walk onto the planks and debris below. You'll find yourself on the outer east side of the large building where you'll see a One-eyed Imp walking. Just go straight and you'll find some crates under the wooden walkway above you, the Scampuss is behind it.
  2. The second Scampuss can be found on the right side behind some crates. Just turn right from the gate of the pagoda after fighting the spear-wielding shinobi.

The Frenzied Blaze

  1. Head to the courtyard where you'll see blue flames. After killing the Wheelmonk and Koroka in the area, check the east side of the courtyard and you'll see a house and a yokai mist inside of it. Just outside the house, check the corner and you'll see the Scampuss there.
  2. The second Scampuss can easily be found around the corner of the section behind the Nurikabe yokai wall. The house where you find the Nurikabe is near the friendly NPC who joins your party.
  3. You won't miss the third Scampuss. From the area that was engulfed with the second dark realm, it's past the area where you encounter a Koroka after fighting the Ippon-Datara.

The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno

  1. From the main entrance of the fort, if you came from the bridge, turn left, if you came out from the compound, turn right. Either way, you'll see a Yoki at the end. The Scampuss is behind the yokai.

The Two Faces of Hospitality

  1. Second Shrine: Check the corner on the left side of the gate that's on the other end of the bridge near the second shrine.
  2. Second Shrine: The second Scampuss can be found outside the back area of the house that's on the east side after crossing and clearing the second dark realm.

The High-spirited Demon

  1. Third Shrine: The first Scampuss can be found on the left side of a watchtower before entering the third dark realm. You'll find the area after crossing the open field where you try to avoid the projectiles of a large yokai.

The Mausoleum of Evil

  1. Near the third dragon statue, there's a platform on the right side where you'll see an Ubume. The Scampuss is beside the yokai.

The Golden Castle

  1. Second Shrine: Destroy the large crystal near the second shrine and jump down the hole that was under it. From the storage room, exit to the corridor and turn right where you'll encounter an armored dog. Kill it, head up the stairs. You'll find the Scampuss on the left side corner.
  2. Third Shrine: After fighting Kasha, head up the second floor and go inside the room that's on the left side at the end of the corridor. You'll find the Scampuss behind the dividers on the left side of the room.

Cherry Blossom Viewing in Daigo

  1. First Shrine: As you enter the building near the first shrine, check the first room on the left where you'll encounter two spear-wielding Soldiers. You'll find the Scampuss on the left side by the two small tables.
  2. Third Shine: From the third shrine, you'll find the Scampuss sleeping under the tree that's on the right side.
  3. Third Shrine: Go outside the temple, head down the narrow root path, and at the bottom, walk to the left side, you'll find the Scampuss next to a tree.

A Song to Calm the Storm (DLC: The Tengu's Disciple)

  1. Found inside the second cargo hold. Check the right side where you'll see a Nure-Onna and a feeding Gaki. It's the cargo hold you'll come across after encountering your first Bakegani.
  2. The second Scampuss can be found in the lower cabin area of a fleet that's engulfed with the first dark realm. You'll find it behind a Kiryoki before reaching the estate where Benkei leaves the party.
  3. The third Scampuss can be found hiding by the flowers of the estate's garden near the fourth Kodama Shrine.

Eternal Rivals (DLC: The Tengu's Disciple)

  1. The scampuss can be found resting near the spa (hot spring) at the bottom section of the cave. You'll need the Hot Spring Chamber Key to unlock the hot spring room.

Suzune in the Flames (DLC: Darkness in the Capital)

  1. Head outside through the front of the building from where the Yamanba and Gaki were and you'll see an Aberrant Soldier next to a corpse, kill it, loot the body. And on the right side of the corpse, you'll see some stacked buckets, destroy it and you'll find a Scampuss behind it.


A Voice in the Twilight

  1. You'll find the Scampuss in the middle of the arena, it will assist you in battle until you complete the mission.

Dark Omens

  1. The first Scampuss can be found in the inner section of the house near the shrine which is the mission's main objective. It's on the west corner behind some jars.
  2. The second Scampuss can be located under the shrine which is the mission's main objective, behind the second Kodama Shrine. It's hiding by the bushes.

An Error in Calculation

  1. Scampuss can be found at the starting point of the main mission: The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama. Make your way down the steep path where the Karasu Tengu is, or through the cave with the Dark Realm and use the ladder to climb down that spot.

Learning a Lesson

  1. Found in a dead-end cave at the lower section of the cliffside near the first shrine.

The Brother's Blades

  1. From the starting point, climb up the ladder and head inside the house. You'll see it at the corner on the left next to some stacked buckets.

The Lost Sword (DLC: The Tengu's Disciple)

  1. Near the first shrine, check under the small steps of the building on the left side.
  2. After you encounter the first large Bakegani within the yokai mist in the garden section, check the left side and you'll find a room with a small chest. The Scampuss can be found on the left side behind some jars.
  3. The third scampuss can be found in the room before the main boss arena near the second Kodama shrine. It's behind a shoji screen on the left where the Warrior Skeleton enemy is standing.
  4. The fourth and fifth Scampuss can be found inside the cargo hold of the ship. You'll need to burn the haystack by shooting the incendiary longbow arrow given by the friendly NPC by the shore. The fourth scampuss is near a soldier in the cargo hold, while the fifth scampuss is behind some crates near the large chest at the end of the cargo hold.

Shadows Creep in Kurama (DLC: The Tengu's Disciple)

  1. The first scampuss can be found behind a small shrine near the first Kodama shrine. When you reach a house, past an open temple, check the backside, and climb up the ladder that's on the left of the back of the house. At the top, you'll find the small shrine where the scampuss is sleeping.
  2. From the second shrine, exit through the west gate of the temple and straight until you see a path on the left that has a tree, a Kodama behind it, and a ladder beside it. Climb up the ladder, walk onto the narrow path on the right, and then jump down onto a small platform below from the edge of the cliff on the right. You'll find the second Scampuss below you.

Prisoners of the Stones (DLC: The Tengu's Disciple)

  1. From the second shrine, head east from the garden towards a yokai mist blocking a house. Behind that house, there's a large bell guarded by a Warrior Skeleton. The Scampuss can be found on the left side of the bell.
  2. After grabbing the first Scampuss, head north towards the backside of another temple. You'll find the second Scampuss on the left side next to a tree behind the temple.


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      A little hidden origin of this: back in 2002 there was a game called Ragnarok online, our guild leader created fatty chubby kitties and was in the video game bushiness. She later was the creator of scampuss. Happy to see her vision come to life after all these years.

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              Just a side note for anyone curious, if you find multiple scampusses in a map, you can interact with them and gain multiple scampuss followers. They each add their own anima recharge and will attack on their own. The most I've had so far is 3 at once following me around. Also, petting a second scampuss seems to reset the timer, but makes the time shorter for each new scampuss buddy you add.

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