Multiplayer modes for Nioh 2 are covered on this page. The game features several different options for interacting with other players, both directly and indirectly. In addition to the below in-game modes listed, there is a Clans feature that allows players to give allegiance to one of the warring clans and improve your online ranking to earn points for the clan. You will be able to obtain special rewards by participating on this.

You need PlayStation Plus for Multiplayer in NioH 2.

If you're having trouble finding your friends, see How to Play with a Friend Using a Password in Nioh 2


Multiplayer Information

Bloody Graves

Bloody Graves, or red graves, can be found in your NIOH 2 world and you can interact with them to summon the Revenant of other players (You can view the level of the player, the player's ID, how they died and when, the rarity of the items held and the Guardian Spirits it has). Once summoned, they become AI-controlled specters and attack the player. Defeating them will award loot and Amrita and Glory. Being friends with the player will significantly increase the drop rate of items.  Farming Revenants is also a good way to acquire Ochoko Cups, which can be used to interact with Benevolent Graves.

 Until dream of the demon, defeated revenants wil drop exact copies of the equipment the slain player was using, with any plus levels removed, and if they are summoned in the dark realm, they will be in Yokai Shift, and also have a chance to stop one of the soul cores they are using. After dream of the demon, the stats on the items they drop are randomized.

Benevolent Graves

Benevolent Graves or Blue Graves in Nioh 2 are a mechanic similar to summoning other players to help in Dark Souls and Bloodborne. However, insdead of summoning the actual players coming to your aid, you summoned their characters controlled by the AI.

To interact with the Benevolent graves in Nioh 2 and summon help, approach them first, then a pop-up will show you everything you need to know about the character you're about to summon. You'll see their name, their level, as well as how many Ochoko Cups you'll need to call them. The wheel on the left shows you all the gear they have, and the icons below are the Soul Cores they have equipped.

To summon help, press and hold Circle. The character will appear after a bit. 

To get Ochoko Cups in Nioh 2, the best thing to do is farm the Bloody Graves, aka the red graves. They can also be found as hidden items on map. 

You can place Benevolent Graves in NioH 2 with Righteous Jasper item. You get these from completing certain missions, or crafting. You'll get special rewards of Ochoko Cups and glory proportionate to the number of times other people have used that particular grave.


Co-op Mode

Co-op mode in Nioh 2 is a mechanic that allows you to invite a friend into the game to help you tackle difficult challenges. It's also the only way to get higher rarity umbracite aside from mission rewards, and the best source of glory in the game.

To play Nioh 2 in co-op, the first step is to go to Starting Point on the world map. Then, select Torii Gate, and from there, you have two different modes to play in:


This mode allows you to create a custom lobby. You can make the lobby private, and your friend will be able to search for it on their side so they can join in on the fun. Naturally, if you have more friends that are playing the game, you’ll have to set a password to link with the exact person you want. You can also allow it to be open for anybody to find.

During Expedition mode, enemies are tough, especially with three players, but they do not respawn, and you can resurrect mid-fight. Your party's ability to respawn is determined by the bar on the top left corner of the screen. This bar decreases when a player is killed. A player can attempt to self revive themselves, but that will reduce the bar even further.  The only time the bar refills is when you active a shrine for the first time. If the bar is depleted, the mission is ends in failure. Every mission, as well as scrolls, are available to be played in expeditions.

Random Encounters

 Here you assist other players while they attempt to complete a mission.  To be a visitor, you use the Torii gate and select random encounter. You can also choose what new game plus level you want to search for, as well as enter a password to search for a specific player.

If you are in a mission, and want other players to help you, you can host a random encounter session by using a shrine and going to the Summon visitor option. This costs Ochoko cups, which are consumed when a player joins. You can kick other players from the session by using salt on them.

Visitors cannot interact with any doors (that wouldn't leave them stuck in one area), Amrita or chests, and if they or the host dies,  they are kicked out of the session. Because this requires a shrine to do, any mission without a shrine cannot be played coop in this way.


There are currently no PvP modes in Nioh 2 and the developers have no plan of implementing it.


Clan Battles

Clan Battles are a unique Asynchronous Online event in which players join clans that are randomly grouped into two sides and compete for the total amount of Glory obtained from clearing stages. Players can trade Glory points for various items.


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