Tools in Nioh 2 are what the player will use to aid them through the difficult game. They are generally consumables that can replenish missing Ninjutsu and Onmyo Magic uses. Tools can be crafted at the Blacksmith using Smithing Materials or found throughout the game.







Shinobi Box
Contains a surprising number of ninja tools given the containers compact size. Use it to restore 30% of the Ninjutsu items you previously prepared at a shrine.

Kamaitachi's Front Teeth x1

Waira Claw x1

Sacred Brush
A ritually purified brush that restores 30% of the Onmyo items you previously prepared at a shrine. It has been ceremonially sprinkled with sacred water collected just as the sun rose.

Umbrella Rib x1

Biwa Pick x1

Sacred Water
Water that has flowed through the inner sanctum of a shrine, it speeds up Ki recovery for a short period of time. This water has been used in rituals since the days of old and is imbibed before making vows to the gods.

Glowing Lock of Wet Hair x1

Lesser Umi-Bozu's Eyestone x1

Yokai Water Pot

When thrown, a Yokai Realm pool will appear where the pot lands.

This pot contains water from one of the Yokai Realm's underworlds. It is said that this pot was made by firing sacred earth taken from the gates to the underworld. Attempting to fill a normal vessel with this otherworldly water, will cause it to break.

Warped Jawbone x1

Lesser Umi-Bozu's Eyestone x1

Sacred Arrow

A special arrow that can be shot using abow. It has the Pure attribute, which allows it to deal heavy Ki damage. in addition to inflicting status ailments, when used against yokai. It can also dispel Yokai Realm puddles.

This arrow is imbued with spiritual power to exorcise evil.

Demon's Horn x1
Roaring Gun Ammunition
Special bullets propelled by a large amount of gunpowder. Highly destructive, with a great deal of penetrative power. Ippon-Datara Fang x1
Gunpowder Bomb

When thrown, it explodes and damages all enemies in the surrounding area.

These bombs are used by ninja proficient in explosives, and are made by wrapping a charge of gunpowder in a ball fashioned from Japanese paper. By altering the amount of gunpowder used, the maker can change the strength of its blast.

Warped Jawbone x1
Shrapnel Bomb

Explodes when thrown. The resulting blast propels shrapnel in every direction causing damage to all enemies in the surrounding area.

These bombs are made by packing unglazed ceramic balls with gunpowder. Rather than being used as an incendiary weapon, its strength lies in its potent shockwave and puncturing shrapnel.

Enki Pelt x1

Warped Jawbone x1

Fire Amulet
An amulet that has been infused with mystical energy by Onmyo mages. It can be used to imbue your weapon with the power of fire. Oni-bi Core x1
Water Amulet
An amulet that has been infused with mystical energy by Onmyo mages. It can be used to imbue your weapon with the power of water. Glowing Lock of Wet Hair x1
Lightning Amulet
An amulet that has been infused with mystical energy by Onmyo mages. It can be used to imbue your weapon with the power of lightning. Lock of Grey Hair x1
Summoner's Candle
A special candle that summons Guardian Spirits and Amrita from graves. This rare item is made of natural wax extracted from fruits that bloom only once every eight year.

Infernal Nail x1

Large Crooked Horn x1

Burnt Wick x1

Righteous Jasper

This precious stone glows with a mysterious light. Legend has it that it glows in the soil of battlefields, born from the blood of fallen soldiers. It is consequently prized amongst warriors.

When used, a Benevolent Grave will be placed where you are standing. You may not use the Benevolent Grave yourself, but you will gain rewards in proportion to the number of times it is used by other players.

Enki Pelt x1

Divine Branch

Allow you to quit a mission and return to your starting point without losing any Amrita.

Harvested from a sacred tree and imbued with divine power, these branches are commonly used in religious rituals.

Blood-Encrusted Sawtooth x1

Herbal Remedy
Secret medicine made by the legendarily talented doctor, Dosan Manase. Fully restores your health.

Sanmyo Blade Fragment x1

Primordial Mud x1

Daion-Jin's Sake
Sacred rice wine that bestows the God Daion-Jin's protection, curing and temporarily preventing elemental based damage. Daion-jin is an Onmyo god that occupies one of the eight divine directions.

Kappa Shell x1

Sacred Ash
Ash from wood burned by monks on a sacred altar. When applies to protective or medicinal items, it cleanses and neutralises any abnormal statuses or effects.

Smoldering Ash Pile x1

Namahage Horn x1

It restores the Familiarity level of any equipped weapon by 150.

Ippon-Datara Fang x1

Petrified Eye x1

Restores the familiarity of any equipped armor by 150.

Gyuki Wing Membrane x1

Enki Pelt x1

Slender Vertebra x1

Saisetsu Shin's Sake

 Sacred rice wine that bestows the god Saisetsu-Shin's protection, temporarily increasing the amount of Amrita you acquire. The more enemies you defeat, the stronger the effect grows.

Saietsu-Shin is an Onmyo god that occupies one of the eight divine directions.

Red Kappa Shell x1

Uchiko Powder

A sack of powder made by grinding up the grindstone used to sharpen swords.

When used, it will temporarily become easier to raise your familiarity.

Skeletal Warrior's Sacrum x1

Enki Pelt x1

Yokai Incense

Attracts Yokai.

Web Netting x1

Poison Pearl x1

Fleeting Guardian Amulet

A magical amulet that summons a Guardian Spirit to attack your enemies for a short period of time.

Ominous Bird's Beak x1

Oni-bi Core x1

Sticky Pot

Throw it an an enemy to prevent them from using items or switching weapons.

This vessel contains a concoction of highly adhesive liquids mixed together to produce a substance of unrivaled stickiness.

Writhing Tongue x1

Web Netting x1

Hyottoko Mask

A mask that harbors the power of Hyottoko, the god of the stove. When used, it spews flames from its mouth into the area around you.

Mujina's Scarf x1

Ippon-Datara Fang x1

Possessed Kodama Bowl

This bowl is possessed by a Kodama spirit. Just place it on the ground and wait for the Kodama to make its entrance. It won't do much, but it makes a nice change from all the gore.

Kappa Shell x1

Clay Bell of Beckoning

When used, a Scampuss yokai will appear and follow you.

Nurikabe Fragment x1

Smoldering Ash Pile x1

Burning Oil Jar

A throwing weapon made for fire attacks, it spawns flames that continue to burn for a short period of time. The weapon is made by filling a jar with oil and covering its opening with a cloth. When ignited and thrown, the resulting impact shatters the jar, causing the oil to scatter and instantly set the surrounding area ablaze.

Broken Wheel Piece x1

Tengu's Fan

Summons a tornado to attack surrounding enemies. This fan is made from the leaves of the paperplant and imbued with the tengu's magical power, allowing the user to manipulate the winds. It is said that tengu carry this fan.

Karasu Tengu Feather x1

One-eyed Oni Loincloth x1

Arrowproof Amulet

Grants temporary immunity from projectile-based attacks.

Nurikabe Fragment x1
Amulet of Camaraderie

Enables one to assist distant allies when used.

This amulet contains a strange power unlike the protection offered by the Buddha. When comrades are in need of help, the amulet resonates and a Kodama will visit the stricken ally.

One-eyed Imp's Clogs
Inspiriting Gem
Temporarily restores your Amrita Gauge over time when used.

Aberrant Spirit Stone x1

Baby Stone Fragment x1

Mud Jar

A jar filled with mud that emits a foul odor. It is rumored to be made from yokai born from mud, yet the exact method of its production remains unknown.

Spreads a layer of mud in the area it is thrown that damages those that enter it, marking them with a terrible stench.

Lesser Umi-Bozu's Eyestone x1

Kamaitachi's Front Teeth x1

Explosive Rounds

Special ammunition for hand cannons.

Aberrant Spirit Stone x1

Warped Jawbone x1

Travel Amulet

It transports you safely back to the last Shrine at which you prayed.

Lock of Grey Hair x1

Poison Pearl x1

Dried Nuppeppo Meat

Strips of flesh carved out of a Nuppeppo carcass before being coated in salt and cured in the sun. Nuppeppo meat is known to boost physical strength, but unless it is properly prepared with a mix of rare medicinal herbs, it can have somewhat alarming side effects.
Consuming this meat will give you the Berserk status enhancement.

Nuppeppo Liver x1

Oni-bi Core x1

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