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Amrita Memories


The Underworld I

  • The Underworld is a bottomless realm made up of multiple strata.
  • Each stratum is comprised of a starting area, Terra Firma, areas for exploration known as Netherscapes, and the Crucible, where a boss awaits challengers. Within each Netherscape, you can find four Jizo Kodama. Doing so and praying to them will allow you to proceed to the Crucible with a Jizo's Blessing. There are four types of Jizo's Blessings that can aid you in the current stratum's Crucible in various ways, such as by granting you enhanced statuses. You can confirm the details of a Jizo's Blessing via the status screen.

The Underworld II

  • After defeating the boss of the stratum you are on, you will be given a choice to either proceed to the next stratum, or to leave the Underworld. You will face stronger enemies the deeper you proceed into the Underworld, but the items found will also be more powerful. Your cleared strata will be recorded, and you will be able to start from any cleared stratum the next time you brave the Underworld.
  • Please note that Elixirs will have no effect in the Underworld. Instead, you will be given a different recovery item called Spectral Salves to use.


The Tale of Nioh

The Tengu's Disciple

A Consequential Encounter

  • The gentle sound of Yoshisune's flute echoes across the waves as calm returns to the ocean waters. Yoshitsune shares his Guardian Spirit, Kurama Tengu, with the protagonist, explaining that he is waging war against the Taira in order to restore peace to the land. The protagonist agrees to lend Yoshitsune her aid.

Outrunning Death

  • With the Fujiwara troops closing in, Yoshitsune and Benkei plan their escape from Hiraizumi even as the protagonist rushes there to aid them. Yoshitsune orders Benkei to go ahead of him to the Koromo River, their planned path of retreat. 

The Aratama Yoshitsune

  • Yoshitsune and the protagonist finally catch up to Benkei, who has been taking the enemy forces on alone. As he valiantly tries to protect his master, Benkei is killed, his body riddled with the enemy's arrows. Yoshitsune is overcome with rage at the bloodthirsty nature of man and loses his mind, transforming into a yokai and massacring the enemy troops before turning on the protagonist who tries to restrain him.

After the Battle

  • Finally having returned to his senses, Yoshitsune share his Guardian Spirit, Ho, with the protagonist. As Yoshitsune's thoughts come into a view, the protagonist sees a women who wields the Sohayamaru as she confronts yokai. Entrusted by Yoshitsune to complete his mission and armed with this new knowledge, the protagonist returns to her own time and sets out on a new journey in search of the mysterious woman.


The First Samurai

In Search of the Truth

  • Intent on solving the mystery of the young demon slayer, the protagonist arrives in a deserted village near the Suzuka Pass. As she approaches an ancient shrine, a Guardian Spirit in the form of a dragon springs from the Sohayamaru blade she carries and vanishes into a picture scroll on the altar.
  • The protagonist is enveloped in a glowing light and, before she knows it, has followed the dragon into the picture scroll, finding herself in the early days of the Heian period.

Human or Yokai?

  • Otakemaru sits surrounded by the fallen troops who have been sent to kill him. His hatred of mankind has not abated. Recognizing the yokai blood in the protagonist's veins, Otakemaru readies his blade and demands that she make a choice- does she stand with humanity, or with the yokai?

The Demon's Sister

  • At the end of a fierce battle, Otakemaru is on the verge of turning the protagonist into an aratama. But before the protagonist is forced to succumb to her yokai side, Otakemaru's sister, Suzuka, intervenes. She recognizes the light the protagonist shares with her, and smiles knowingly at her, aware of her huge potential to do good. However, she cannot tarry long and leaves in hot pursuit of her brother.

Cruelty Unbound 

  • In the depths of the Suzuka Pass, a yokai by the name of Tate Eboshi has been using extraordinarily cruel methods to accumulate Spirit Stones. Determined to prevent anyone else from falling victim to the monstrous yokai, Suzuka charges at Tate Eboshi but is repelled. Pleased to have found fresh prey, Tate Eboshi leaps towards Suzuka and the protagonist with a piercing shriek.

Passing on the Light

  • The hoard of Spirit Stones float in the air, shining brightly, as Suzuka gathers her remaining strength. Finally the time has come to pass on her powers to the protagonist. Suzuka utters a prayer and then flings her blade into the air in a blaze of light. With that, she gifts the protagonist her Guardian Spirit, Sohaya.
  • When the light subsides, the protagonist sees the gleaming Sohayamaru, the only blade that can strike down the immortal Otakemaru. Though it costed her part of her very being. Suzuka has created this sword, and entrusted it to the protagonist.

No Turning Back

  • With Suzuka too weak to fight, the protagonist goes on her behalf to the island fortress of Onigajo. There, she steels herself, unsheathes the Sohayamaru, and prepares to hunt down the horned figure of Otakemaru.

The Nightmare Bringer

  • The protagonist approaches Otakemaru, who has his back turned toward her. The Sohayamaru blade gripped by the protagonist glows, and Otakemaru senses his sister's fierce determination to defeat him. Resolving to crush Suzuka's dream of living in harmony with mankind once and for all, Otakemaru turns his spirit Guardian Yumehami into an aratama and fuses himself with it. As the Nightmare Bringer, he attacks the protagonist with the full force of his hatred.

A Journey Ends, a Story Begins

  • The young demon slayer from the tale told to her in childhood was none other than the protagonist herself. As the defeated Otakemaru shares his Guardian Spirit with the protagonist, his heart os cleansed of all the pain and hatred that has dwelled there for so many years.
  • Suzuka rushes to the scene just before the protagonist leaves. As she vanishes into the light, her heroic figure is forever engraved on Suzuka's heart, to be immotalized in the epic tale she begins to tell. The long battle at an end, Sohaya leaves the protagonist for hte eternal hereafter, where Miyoshino awaits. With her memory restored, Miyoshino welcomes Otakemaru, now restored to his former self, with a fond smile.

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