Controls for Nioh 2 are the input mechanisms to move your character and interact with the game. Below are details on the default configuration for PS4 and PC.


Nioh 2 Controls

You can change your control scheme by selecting the different types from "Controls" in the "System Menu"




Move - L
Sprint - L+ X
Camera Rotation - R
Camera Lock-on - R3
Stance (change stance) - R1
Shoot (while aiming) - R2
Guard - L1
Aim Ranged Weapon - L2
Quick Attack -
Strong Attack -
Dodge / Dash - X
Interact -
Item Shortcut 1 - D-Pad Up
Item Shortcut 2 - D-Pad Left
Item Shortcut 3 - D-Pad Right
Item Shortcut 4 - D-Pad Down
Status Menu - Touchpad
Gesture Menu - Options

Controls Chart

Change to High Stance - R1 +
Change to Mid Stance - R1 +
Change to Low Stance - R1 + X
Sheathe / Draw Your Sword - R1 +
Swap Ranged Weapos - R1+ D-Pad Up
Swap Melee Weapos - R1 + D-Pad Down
Swap Item Shortcuts - D-Pad Left/Right
Use the Yokai Ability from the Soul Core in Slot 1 - R2 +
Use the Yokai Ability from the Soul Core in Slot 2 - R2 +
Burst Counter - R2 +
Yokai Shift - + (when Amrita Gauge is full)
Use Guardian Spirit Skill - + (when in Yokai Shift)
Absorb Amrita into Weapon - Hold (when in Yokai Shift)


PS5 Controls


 pad-circle-controls-wiki-guide-2 Search/Interact
 pad-x-controls-wiki-guide-2 Evade/Dash
 pad-square-controls-wiki-guide-2 Quick Attack
 pad-triangle-controls-wiki-guide-2 Strong Attack/Grapple
pad-circle-controls-wiki-guide-2+pad-triangle-controls-wiki-guide-2 Yokai Shift (when Amrita gauge is at maximum)
Guardian Spirit Skills (In Yokai Shift)
 pad-start-controls-wiki-guide-2 Display gesture menu
clear-button-controls-wiki-guide-2  Display status menu
 left-analog-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Movement
 righ-analog-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Camera controls
 l1-controls-wiki-guide-2 Guard
 r1-controls-wiki-guide-2 Ki Pulse/Yokai Realm purification
r1-controls-wiki-guide-2pad-triangle-controls-wiki-guide-2⁄  pad-square-controls-wiki-guide-2⁄ pad-x-controls-wiki-guide-2 Change Stance (High/Mid/Low)
r1-controls-wiki-guide-2+pad-circle-controls-wiki-guide-2 Sheathe/Draw Sword
r1-controls-wiki-guide-2+bottom-crosskey-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Switch Melee Weapons
r1-controls-wiki-guide-2+top-crosskey-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Switch Ranged Weapon
r1-controls-wiki-guide-2+sides-crosskey-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Switch item shortcut set
 l2-controls-wiki-guide-2 Aim Ranged Weapon
 r2-controls-wiki-guide-2 Shoot (while aiming)
r2-controls-wiki-guide-2pad-triangle-controls-wiki-guide-2pad-square-controls-wiki-guide-2  ⁄ pad-x-controls-wiki-guide-2 Yokai Ability
r2-controls-wiki-guide-2+pad-circle-controls-wiki-guide-2 Burst Counter
 r3-controls-wiki-guide-2 Lock-On
 all-crosskey-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Item shortcuts 1/2/3/4

 Steam Controls


b-circle-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide  Search/Interact
 a-circle-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Evade/Dash
 x-circle-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Quick Attack
y-button-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide  Strong Attack/Grapple
b-circle-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide+y-button-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Yokai Shift (when Amrita gauge is at maximum)
Guardian Spirit Skills (In Yokai Shift)
 start-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Display gesture menu
 pad-select-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Display status menu
left-analog-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide  Movement
 righ-analog-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Camera controls
lb-button-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide  Guard
 rb-button-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Ki Pulse/Yokai Realm purification
rb-button-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guidey-button-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide⁄ x-circle-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide ⁄ a-circle-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Change Stance (High/Mid/Low)
rb-button-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide+b-circle-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Sheathe/Draw Sword
rb-button-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide+bottom-crosskey-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Switch Melee Weapons
rb-button-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide+top-crosskey-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Switch Ranged Weapon
rb-button-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide+sides-crosskey-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Switch item shortcut set
 left-trigger-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Aim Ranged Weapon
 right-trigger-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Shoot (while aiming)
right-trigger-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guidey-button-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide⁄ x-circle-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide ⁄ a-circle-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Yokai Ability
right-trigger-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide+b-circle-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Burst Counter
 r-pad-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Lock-On
 all-crosskey-controls-nioh-2-wiki-guide Item shortcuts 1/2/3/4
Keyboard only Keyboard & mouse  
L E Search/Interact
K SPACE Evade/Dash
J Left-Click Quick Attack
I Right-Click Strong Attack/Grapple
P T Yokai Shift (when Amrita gauge is at maximum)
Guardian Spirit Skills (In Yokai Shift)
BACKSPACE G Display gesture menu
ESC ESC Display status menu
W ⁄ S ⁄ A ⁄ D W ⁄ S ⁄ A ⁄ D Movement
U ⁄ N ⁄ H ⁄ ; W ⁄ S ⁄ A ⁄ D Mouse movement
SPACE SHIFT Ki Pulse/Yokai Realm purification
SPACE + I ⁄ J ⁄ K SHIFT + Scroll Wheel Up/Left-Click/Scroll Wheel Down Change Stance (High/Mid/Low)
SPACE + L SPACE + E Sheathe/Draw Sword
SPACE + ↓ SPACE + 1 Switch Melee Weapons
SPACE + ↑ SPACE + 4 Switch Ranged Weapon
SPACE + → SPACE + 3 Switch item shortcut set
CTRL ALT Aim Ranged Weapon
ENTER ⁄ ALT Left-Click/ENTER Shoot (while aiming)
R + I ⁄ J ⁄ K R + Right-Click/Left-Click/Middle-Click Yokai Ability
R + L R + SPACE Burst Counter
B F Lock-On
↑ ⁄ ← ⁄ → ⁄ ↓ 1 ⁄ 2 ⁄ 3 ⁄ 4 Item shortcuts 1/2/3/4

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