Nioh 2

Name Nioh 2
Release Date March 13, 2020.
Genre ARPG
Platform PlayStation®4
Price TBC
Rating TBC
Online YES
Developer Team Ninja
Publisher Koei Tecmo

Nioh 2 is an action role-playing game developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo, KOEI TECMO AMERICA Corporation. The game was revealed during the PlayStation conference at E3 2018 and it serves as the sequel to the first installment titled NiohNioh 2 will be available on March 13, 2020, for the PlayStation┬«4.

Nioh 2 Open Beta

If you want to take part in the Open Beta to get a closer look at Nioh 2, you can join in on the fun from November 1st until November 10th. You will need to download the open beta from the Playstation Store which will let you experience some new features such as an extensive character customization, a new weapon called the Switchglaive and many more.




Nioh 2 Gameplay

Nioh 2 brings back its extensive action role-playing mechanics but with far more new content which will definitely give a new experience to both veteran and new players.

  • In Nioh, players took control of William who stood as the game's main protagonist. In Nioh 2, players are given the freedom to create their own character. From choosing a gender, hairstyles, facial and body structures, facial features, and much more. During the demo, the presets were limited, however, it is expected that an extensive character customization will be added during the Open Beta. And of course, once the game is released, we'll have plenty of more options to choose from in order to create that perfect character.
  • The Skills system has been revamped where players are given the freedom to pick a certain path and set of skills that best benefits their playstyle. Each skill tree has a set of skills which are categorized into two kinds: skills that are in Gold are active skills, while the Blue Nodes serve as passive skills. This makes it easier for players to identify which skills they are looking at and wanting to obtain.
  • New Weapons. During the Alpha Demo, the double Hatchets were introduced which benefits both close and long-range combat. The rest of the weapons that were introduced in Nioh returns, as well as a new weapon called the Switchglaive which is expected to be available and showcased during the Open Beta.
  • The Revenant System. A new game mechanic is introduced into the game where you can summon another player's character which is called a Revenant that will act as your companion who will fight by your side. If you're stuck at some point in the game or need any assistance, you can summon a revenant to help you in your journey.
  • Online Co-op is still available for Nioh 2 where you can invite up to a maximum of two players to your party
  • Soul Cores. Nioh 2 also adds a new gameplay mechanic which is called Soul Cores. Basically, Soul Cores are skills that you can obtain from killing various Yokai (Enemies). Each Yokai may drop their Soul Core which you can equip and use that Yokai's ability to your advantage.


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      Hi am trying to soul match a lvl 115+2 weapon with a level 135 but it dose not raise the level of the 115+2 any ideas why?

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