Weapons in Nioh 2 are the main instrument of dealing damage, and are divided into several categories, plus ranged. All weapons have Skills that increase with using that weapon type, and each individual weapon features a "Familiarity" meter that improves the base stats of a weapon based on how long you have been using it. You can expedite familiarity increase by applying a Whetstone to your weapon, or you may find Special Effects on weapons and armor that makes the process faster.

Forging non-set Divine items will set the grace set bonus onto weapons and armor. There are 10 Divine graces in Nioh 2.

Weapons have an Item Level Cap


How do you pick a weapon in Nioh 2?

All weapons are viable and there is no clear-cut "Best Weapon" or "Best Weapon Type". You should select your weapon based on your own playstyle, and considering whether you prefer to block, dodge, cast spells from afar, and how likely you are to remember to Ki Pulse or Flux to recover your Ki (Stamina).

If you're struggling, we suggest you check out our Builds page

Blessed and Yokai Weapons

Nioh 2 introduces purity-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideBlessed Weapons and corruption-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideYokai Weapons to the mix. These weapons have special built-in "Purification" and "Corruption" effects.
Purity allows you to recover a portion of the Ki lost from guarding with this weapon by performing a Ki Pulse and deals additional Ki damage based on your enemy's Purity resistance.
Corruption deals additional Ki damage, and build up the Corruption Status Effect. Enemies who are "Corrupted" receive increased Ki and Yokai damage, of which, a portion is absorbed by you.


Weapons in Nioh 2


Swords are Weapons in Nioh 2 and information about their stats is shown below. This weapon works in conjunction with the Sword Skills skill tree, and usually has good scaling with the Heart stat. However, Strength and Skill also play a part in the damage they do.


Below is a list of Swords in Nioh 2, and each Sword has an effect that will ALWAYS be present, no matter what other random bonuses there may be, and these are listed in the "effect" column. Damage values are not listed since these change by rarity and level, making it difficult to compare them easily. Break and Block are listed, since these do not change with rarity or level.

Every Weapon in the game has Familiarity. The better quality of the weapon, the more Familiarity can be obtained with the weapon, and over time the damage and bonuses of the weapon will improve as the Familiarity increases up to a maximum. This way, using the same weapon over time can yield higher damage than another, even if it's lower level.

Please see Sword Skills for more information.

Agile Archer: Katana & Bow Build

An excellent Katana and Bow Build for mid game players that want to optimize their ranged and melee damage! Click here to read about the Agile Archer Katana and Bow Build.





Name Break Block heart-nioh-2-wiki strength-nioh-2-wiki skill-nioh-2-wiki Effect
Mino Uchigatana
53 39 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideLow Attack Ki Consumption
55 33 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideThrust Damage
Mantra Sword
56 34 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideHigh Attack Damage
64 28 B+ C C corruption-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideImbue Corruption
fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideIncreased Attack (Enemy Killed)
Onimaru Kunitsuna
76 35 B+ D+ C+ purity-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideImbue Purity
fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideIncreased Attack (Amrita Absorption)
Bizen Tachi
58 27 B+ D+ C+ fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideHigh Attack Damage
Senjuin Tachi
59 35 B+ D+ C+ fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideHigh Active Skill Damage
Bizen Uchigatana
53 32 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideMid Guard Ki Consumption
Wooden Sword
50 41 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideProficiency Bonus
Yamato Uchigatana
54 32 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideMid Attack Ki Consumption
68 31 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideThe Crime of Patricide
Azai Ichimonji
76 36 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideSaruyasha's Valor
Dancing Blade
76 33 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideMelee Attack Ki Consumption
Haccho Nenbutsu
71 37 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideSaika's Yatagarasu
Hikoemon Ichimonji
57 35 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideLegendary Mikawa Warrior
Jikkyu Mitsutada
56 37 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideNational Unity
60 33 B+ D+ C+ fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideQuick Attack Ki Consumption
Kobizen Tomonari
56 35 B+ D+ C+ fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideActive Skill Ki Consumption
Sohaya Tsurugi
56 38 B+ D+ C+ fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideTranquil Foundation
76 40 B+ D+ C+ fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideImbue Lightning
Hosho Sadayoshi
56 34 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideGuard Ki Consumption
Transient Blade
60 30 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideThe Vicissitudes of Life
Osafune Kanemitsu
61 30 B+ D+ C+ fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideStrong Attack Damage
Yamato Tachi
58 28 B+ D+ C+ fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideMid Attack Damage
Senjuin Uchigatana
54 33 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideLow Active Skill Ki Damage
Bizen Ichimonji
55 39 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideMid Attack Damage
Taima Kuiyuki
67 29 B+ D+ C+ fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideHigh Attack Ki Consumption
Demon's Maw
62 42 B+ C C corruption-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideImbue Corruption
fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideMelee Damage
Water God Slayer
65 40 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideActive Skill Damage
Atagi Sadamune
73 37 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideThe Crossed Sickles
Blossomed Blade
63 32 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideActive Skill Ki Damage
70 35 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideThe Bold and the Boorish
Bizen Osafune
72 29 B+ D+ C+ fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideStrong Attack Ki Consumption
Starcutter Sword
76 32 B+ D- C+ fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideSamurai fron Dark Lands
Ishida Masamune
67 38 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideOne for Alll, All for One
Bizen Kageyasu
71 41 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideThe Triumph of Tranquility
Wave Swimmer
71 41 A D+ D+ fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideWarrior of the West's Honor
Swift Hawk
71 52 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideMaster of illusion
Kusanagi Tsurugi
61 43 B+ C+ D+ fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideImbue Purity
Odenta Mitsuya
60 41 B+ D+ C+ fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideImbue Water
Demon Horde Katana
60 32 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideAttack Bonus (Amrita Gauge)
fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideAmina Bonus (Grapple)
Tengu Slayer
64 33 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideMelee Damage
Heshikiri Hasebe
79 44 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideTactician's Ingenuity
Akechi Chikakage
71 44 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideThe Honor in Harmony
Mikazuki Munechika
76 48 B+ D+ C+ fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideImbue Lightning
Dodanuki Masakuni
71 44 B+ C C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideHunter of Tigers
Juzumaru Tsunetsugu
64 38 B+ D+ C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideImbue Purity
76 53 B+ D+ C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guide Kurama Swordmaster
Dojikiri Yasutsuna 71 59 B+ D+ C fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guide Melee Damage vs. Yokai


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      28 Apr 2020 16:37  

      Great Kanemitsu doesn’t belong in this catagory. Its an odachi, not a sword. (Yes odachi are swords but you know what I mean)

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        Dodanuki Masakuni is a good sword, the smithing text along with Tiger of Higo armour and spear texts drop from Kato Kiyomasa just before the bosses in Cherry Blossom Viewing In Daigo. Probbably my favourite set at the moment.

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          -SPOILERS- There's a sword I'd like shown off in a cutscene where you see Tokichiro and he learns you're still alive so he awakens the two ancient Yokai. The Ancient Yokai on the left in the water is clearly holding a unique very cool sword... what is it...

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            I wish they made a sword that looked like the yamanba knives. Trying to make a Ichigo Kurosaki build and the dual swords just don't look right.

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