Weapons in Nioh 2 are the main instruments of dealing damage to Enemies and Bosses, and are divided into several melee and ranged categories. All weapons have Skills that are increased the more you use that weapon type, and each individual weapon features a "Familiarity" meter that improves the base stats of a weapon based on how long you have been using it. You can expedite Familiarity increase by applying a Whetstone to your weapon, or you may find Special Effects on weapons and armor that makes the process faster. Weapons can be upgraded and crafted through the Blacksmith.

Forging non-set Divine items will set the grace set bonus onto weapons and armor. There are 10 Divine graces in Nioh 2.

Weapons have an Item Level Cap.

How do you pick a weapon in Nioh 2?

All weapons are viable and there is no clear-cut "Best Weapon" or "Best Weapon Type". You should select your weapon based on your own playstyle, and considering whether you prefer to block, dodge, cast spells from afar, and how likely you are to remember to Ki Pulse or Flux to recover your Ki (Stamina).

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Nioh 2 Blessed and Yokai Weapons

Nioh 2 introduces purity icon nioh2 wiki guideBlessed Weapons and corruption icon nioh2 wiki guideYokai Weapons to the mix. These weapons have special built-in "Purification" and "Corruption" effects.
Purity allows you to recover a portion of the Ki lost from guarding with this weapon by performing a Ki Pulse and deals additional Ki damage based on your enemy's Purity resistance.
Corruption deals additional Ki damage, and builds up the Corruption Status Effect. Enemies who are "Corrupted" receive increased Ki and Yokai damage, of which, a portion is absorbed by you.



Weapons in Nioh 2

Nioh 2 Weapon Types

Nioh 2 Weapon Base Scaling Table

Below is a list of every weapon type and what stats they scale with natively. You can change the normal values of weapons with plus levels by remodeling in the blacksmith
In Dream of the Wise, you gain access to the Transform Bonus special effect on melee weapons, which allow you to change the default highest scaling stat of a weapon to the listed one.

  Sword Dual Swords Spear Splitstaff Axe & Hammer Kusarigama Odachi Tonfa Hatchets Switchglaive Fists Bow Rifle Handcannon
Constitution     B+   C+(Hammer)     C+   C        
Heart B+ C+         D+/C(Deep Curve)       D+ B+    
Courage       C+ C+(Axe)/D+(Hammer)     B+ C+       C+ D+
Stamina         B+(Both)   C+/C(Deep Curve)             B+
Strength C/D+(Tachi) D+ C D+ D+(Axe) D+ B+       B+      
Skill C/C+(Tachi) B+ C     C+     B+ C   C+ B+ C+
Dexterity           B+   D+     C+ D+ D+  
Magic       B+         D+ B+        

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    • Anonymous

      My main weapon has 3000+ attack but when I attack enemies I do only 450 damage, and when I'm playing Torii Gate hosts usually do 700-900 with the same weapon. Please help (DotW)

      • Anonymous

        As a newbie the best mechanical attribute combination for me has been split staff and tonfa with medium armor.

        No attribute points are wasted letting you add con and str to make minimum req for armor and focussing on dex, magic and courage for every other point. Plus you'll pull in skill points for magic and ninjutsu.

        • Anonymous

          Great Kanemitsu doesn’t belong in this catagory. Its an odachi, not a sword. (Yes odachi are swords but you know what I mean)

          • Anonymous

            Dodanuki Masakuni is a good sword, the smithing text along with Tiger of Higo armour and spear texts drop from Kato Kiyomasa just before the bosses in Cherry Blossom Viewing In Daigo. Probbably my favourite set at the moment.

            • Anonymous

              -SPOILERS- There's a sword I'd like shown off in a cutscene where you see Tokichiro and he learns you're still alive so he awakens the two ancient Yokai. The Ancient Yokai on the left in the water is clearly holding a unique very cool sword... what is it...

              • Anonymous

                I wish they made a sword that looked like the yamanba knives. Trying to make a Ichigo Kurosaki build and the dual swords just don't look right.

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