New Player Help for Nioh are located on this page, that helps you understand the basics of the game's mechanics and links helpful resources.

Helpful Pages

  • Controls: Details the basic layout of the controller. Controls can be customized.
  • Lore: Understand Nioh's time period and setting, and the lore of Yokai.
  • Combat: Explains the basics of combat, Stats, and Stances.
  • FAQs: How to quit a mission? How to re-spec your character? And all frequent questions.
  • Skills: Lists all available skills for all weapons and magics.
  • Weapons & Armor pages: All available equippable gear so you can plan your build. You can also look at the Builds page for further suggestions
  • Walkthrough: Nioh 2 from start to finish
  • New Game Plus: What happens once you finish the game.


New Player Help

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