Main Missions in Nioh 2 are story-focused missions that must be completed to advance the game's plot. Main Missions feature a variety of objectives, Kodama, Sudama and Yokai to encounter. Players will also receive special rewards for completing them for the first time and subsequent times. Rewards include unlocking missions, skills, gestures and special Set Pieces

  • See Kodama for a full list of all Kodama Locations
  • See Sudama to understand what to do about the Purple Kodama
  • See Spa (Hot Spring) for a full list of Onsen locations
  • See Missions for a quick list of all missions.


Main Missions Walkthrough to Nioh 2

The Village of Cursed Blossoms

It seems that this message is from someone that's heard whispers of my work slaying yokai. There are no hints as to who sent it, but it appears to have come from a village called Jusanzakura. If there really are yokai there, then it might be worth heading that way to take a look.

Recommended Level: 1

The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames

First, let's go and meet with a potential buyer for these Spirit Stones I've gathered. The client is, let's say, pretty well known around these parts. He knows me now, and we've arranged a discreet meeting. Let's really sell ourselves and see if he'll send some more work our way.

Recommended Level: 8

The Viper's Sanctum

Looks like the forces of Dosan's successor, Yoshitatsu, are mounting an assault. Word is that Dosan suffered some heavy losses and retreated wounded to his estate. They've been whispers that things were bad between the two, but all of this is a little too sudden. There's got to be something else going on here. Regardless, Dosan is an important ally, so it'd do us well to help him.

Recommended Level: 15


The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama

The year is May 1560 and players arrive at Okehazama in Owari Province, you are tasked to defeat the enemy general on the other side of the yokai-infested mountain.

Recommended Level: 21

The Mysterious One Night Castle

Lord Nobunaga is eager to expand his influence into the northern reaches of Mino, a key strategic location where Dosan has a stronghold. It's up to us to investigate the area for him.

Recommended Level: 28

The Hollow Fortress

Inabayama Castle, the stronghold of the Saito Clan. The time to avenge Master Dosan is at hand! There are rumors about a man who's supposed to have captured the castle in a single night. He should be found, he could be the key to cracking this place open.

Recommended Level: 33


A Way Out

As things stand, the Azai and Asakura forces pressing from the north and south will trap us. Our only option is for one of us to stay behind and buy some time so the others can escape. We must cut our way through even without reinforcemenets.

Recommended Level: 38

Corpses and Ice

Lord Nobunaga has rallied his troops and is already on his way to Omi. He's determined to put an end to this conflict with the Azai and Asakura, once and for all.

Recommended Level: 44

Bird in a Cage

It seems Azai Nagasama refuses to let Lady Oichi free and has locked her and himself in the castle's tower. While his troops are busy with Lord Nobunaga's men, it's up to you to infiltrate the castle and save Lady Oichi before it's too late

Recommended Level: 49


Pervading Waters

It seems the Saika mercenaries have invaded Ishiyama Hoganji and made it into a fort where they are all holed up. Lord Nobunaga has instructed his troops and retainers to infiltrate the area and to drive them away.

Recommended Level: 54

The Frenzied Blaze

One of Lord Nobunaga's retainers have turned against him and set the Honnoji temple on fire. Make haste and rescue Nobunaga.

Recommended Level: 60

The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno

Mitsuhide's stronghold has breached Mt. Tenno. Make haste and fight through their forces and avenge the fallen Lord Nobunaga,

Recommended Level: 66


Ruin Draws Near

It seems Tokichiro's forces have made its way to Kitanosho Castle where Oichi and Lord Katsuie are seeking refuge. You must hurry to the castle, save Lord Katsuie and rescue Lady Oichi.

Recommended Level: 72

The Two Faces of Hospitality

It seems Tokichiro has been tracked and we've found him at Komaki-Nagakuta. Fight through his forces and stop him!

Recommended Level: 78

The High-spirited Demon

After the fight against Tokichiro, a malevolent force has spread across Komaki-Nagakuta which has frenzied all the Yokai within the area. Prepare yourself as you escape Komaki-Nagakuta alongside Mumyo and retreat back to the Tokugawa Stronghold.

Recommended Level: 84


The Mausoleum of Evil

After dying in the hands of Tokichiro, you were able to reunite with your mother and learned about your destiny. Six years have passed and you find yourself back in the human world to stop Tokichiro from ruling over the nation. You are now sent to Byodo-In to find a way to restore Sohayamaru.

Recommended Level: 100

The Golden Castle

Mumyo and yourself head towards a castle built by Tokichiro in the capital, Jurakudai. In order to restore Sohayamaru, you must obtain the Spirit Stones within the domain.

Recommended Level: 105

Cherry Blossom Viewing in Daigo

It seems Tokichiro has been found in Daigo castle, gathering numerous number of women as they prepare for the grand viewing of the cherry blossoms. Infiltrate Daigo castle and put an end to Tokichiro's rule over the nation.

Recommended Level: 112


Sealed Fate

Mumyo accompanies the protagonist back to Byodo-In as it is time to fulfill your destiny and to face the seal.

Recommended Level: 113

  • none

The Blue-eyed Samurai

As you awaken, you feel a malicious spirit flowing through your body. A Blue-eyed samurai also appears before you as you come to your senses. Is he a friend or a foe? There is only one way to find out.

Recommended Level: 113

In the Eye of the Beholder

You've awakened and it seems the seal has been broken. Chase after a mysterious woman and Kashin Koji alongside Mumyo and William.

Recommended Level: 114



DLC Main Missions

A Song to Calm the Storm

A great battle has taken place at Yashima in the late Heian period. As a visitor in Yashima, our protagonist finds a shrine possessing a mysterious whistle called the Sohayamaru

Recommended Level: 120

Eternal Rivals

The forces of Fujiwara has surrounded Chuson Temple. You must look for another way in the temple and rendezvous with Lord Yoshitsune and help him stop the soldiers of Fujiwara.

Recommended Level: 124


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