Bird in a Cage is a Main Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 49, has a difficulty level of 4, and features both human and yokai enemies. Bird in a Cage tasks players with saving Lady Oichi from Azai Nagasama who has shut himself away at the castle tower. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.



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  • Ryunojo



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Bird in a Cage

Mission Start Text

So even though his castle's surrounded, Nagamasa's not going to listen to Nobunga's demands and set Lady Oichi free. That means the only choice is to storm this place.

But to think that she's there, right in the middle of all this chaos...

Hiddy, it's up to us to get her out of this alive. The enemy are preoccupied with holding off Lord Nobunaga's troops. Let's use this chance to slip in and find Lady Oichi!

Mission End Text

I wish there was some way I could comfort Lady Oichi, but I just don't know what to say to her. It's terrible how things had to end, but at least now there's nobody left to oppose Lord Nobunaga. He can dispatch forces to anywhere around the capital with ease.

You know, recently even Lord Nobunaga has been showing interest in the power of the Spirit Stones.

With us as his go-to experts, you never know, he might see fit to giving us out very own castle. Imagine it!

With the power of the Spirit Stones, nothing can stand in the way of Hideyoshi! This is just the beginning of our rise to fame and glory!

Kodama Locations

  • Head inside the cave where you encounter the Spider yokai. Head out the cave and go down the courtyard. Go right towards a destroyed house that's burning and go around the back to check the backside of it. There are some planks and debris that you can use to reach the top of it where you'll find the first Kodama.
  • When you exit the cave where you encounter the Spider yokai, go straight and go up the path that's on the left where you'll encounter an armored dog and a Yoki at the top of the path that will push a barrel down to try and kill you. After killing the enemies, about midway up the path, there's a destroyed house on the left side. Walk up to it and check the corner, you'll find the second Kodama hiding in the grass.
  • For the third Kodama, head inside the cave where you'll first encounter the rat yokai, Tesso and climb the ladder at the end of the path of the cave. You'll find the Kodama at the left side of the ladder. To find the Tesso infested cave, head to the first cave near the starting area where you encounter the Spider yokai and exit to the courtyard. Head up the path where you'll encounter a Yoki and armored dog then past the three soldiers, the entrance is just on the left side where the three soldiers were encountered.
  • From the second shrine, go up the incline, climb down the ladder and head to the cave entrance on the left. Go right towards the dirty water and climb up the ladder. There's a corridor that leads to another ladder where you'll find a room that has a roaming Tesso. The Kodama is in the room beside the wooden cave door on the left.
  • To find the fifth Kodama, head to the basement of the castle where the Waira was guarding earlier. The entrance is near the cave entrance on the left where you find the fourth Kodama. Go straight and you'll find a corner in between the ladder and stairs. The fifth Kodama is behind some wooden barrels.
  • The sixth Kodama is on the second floor of the castle. You must pull the lever of both bridges for it to rotate. Once it's aligned cross the red bridge, then on the purple bridge, you'll see a small room on the left. Go inside and break the crates on the right side, the Kodama is behind it.
  • For the last Kodama, you must rotate the purple bridge and align it leading to the tower of the castle. Once that's done, head back down the first floor and go to the room where the large spiders were. Go inside the room on the left where you'll find a rotating panel. You'll see a hole on the wooden floor which you can jump from to head in the secret room that has the hot spring.

Sudama Locations

  • From the cave where you encounter the Spider yokai, head outside through the rooftop of a house and go to the courtyard. Check the house on the left side of the area and go around the corner on the right and check the backside. You'll find the Sudama there.
  • The second Sudama can be found on the first floor of the castle. Check behind the stairs that's near the room with the spiders. You'll find the Sudama there.

Scampuss Locations

  • First Scampuss can be found inside a cave near the second shrine. Before going up the incline, look to your left and you'll find a cave entrance.
  • The second Scampuss can be found inside the castle. From the basement, head up the stairs and go inside the room on the left. You'll find it behind some crates.

Spa Locations

  • For the Hot Spring, you must rotate the purple bridge and align it leading to the tower of the castle. Once that's done, head back down the first floor and go to the room where the large spiders were. Go inside the room on the left where you'll find a rotating panel. You'll see a hole on the wooden floor which you can jump from to head in the secret room where you'll also find the last kodama for this mission.

Locks Locations

  • Climb the slope that has a Yoki with a barrel of gunpowder it rolls down the hill at you. From there, head northwest to the mine cave and then down the ladder and through the cave to a slightly open area with a raised portion. The 1x Onmyo Mage's Locks is on a corpse guarded by a Tesso which can be accessed by a path on the right.
  • The 1x Ninja's Locks can be found past a Nurikabe wall in a chest. The Nurikabe is past the second shrine in the underground area filled with stench water near a Namahage and under where Ryuonojo is standing. 

Bird in a Cage Walkthrough


The year is August 1573 and players arrive at Odani Castle in Omi Province. The first shrine is just up ahead of the starting point, but before you start exploring, check behind where you'll reach a dead-end and a corpse that you can loot. From the shrine, check the right side first to find another body that you can loot, then go towards the cave on the left path. You'll see a locked door that's locked, on the left side, so ignore it for now and go right where you'll encounter two Dweller yokai next to some large buckets and another corpse that you can loot. Kill the yokai and when you come out of the cave, you'll see another entrance to the right that leads to another a cave, and an incline on the left. Go inside the cave first that's on the right.


Inside the cave, you'll encounter a new yokai, called Spider. These bug-type yokai can be easily killed, however, it normally has its eggs laying around near its position, and when it breaks, it spawns more small spiders. You'll see another Spider on the ceiling, so try to shoot it down with your bow or rifle and draw it away from the eggs. If you try to fight it near the eggs, chances are you'll break it, and possibly get outnumbered with just those small spiders. After killing the yokai, head out the tunnel and you'll find yourself on the roof of a house. There's a soldier wielding a sword that's on top as well by the barricade wall - take this opportunity to scout the area ahead and to kill the soldiers that you see with your ranged weapon.


From the rooftop, go straight and you'll see an Odachi-wielding soldier ahead, kill him, then go up the incline on your left where you'll encounter a large Dweller and an Armored Dog, as well as a body that you can loot. Go back down from the incline and head down to the courtyard. You'll want to check the house on the left where you'll find an Axe-wielding soldier inside.


From outside the same house, go around the corner and check the backside, you'll find the first Sudama there. Also, near the house, you'll find a watchtower, there's a soldier at the top, make sure to kill him with your ranged weapon - after that's done go back to the courtyard and head towards the destroyed house that's on fire at the right side.


Go around the back of the destroyed house where you'll encounter another patrolling soldier. Just past him, there are some planks and debris from the house that you can use to reach the top of the destroyed house. There, you'll find the first Kodama - after guiding it back to the shrine, head back down and go back up to the entrance of the courtyard. If you go straight, you'll find an armored dog eating a corpse that you can loot and at the top of the path, there's a Yoki that will push a barrel down the path you're on that can kill you if you are caught. So when you're about halfway and hear the sound when an enemy sees you, dash back down and run to the side to avoid the barrel. The Yoki will then chase you after it pushes the barrel.


After killing the Yoki, just about midway of the path, look to your left and you'll see a destroyed house. Check the corner and you'll find the Kodama hiding behind the grass. Once you've found the Kodama, keep going straight where you'll see three soldiers, one standing on a cliff ahead of you and two on the ground. After killing the soldiers, walk up a bit, and just where the two soldiers were standing, you'll see an entrance that leads to another cave. Head inside and climb down the ladder where you'll encounter another Spider yokai that's on the ceiling.


Keep going straight into the cave and you'll see another Spider and a new yokai, a Tesso, a giant rat yokai. There's about two Tesso ahead, one walking back and forth, and the other that's on high-ground. Just by the entrance of the room, there's a corridor on the left that leads to a dead-end where you'll find a Spider and another Tesso. Check the corridor on the left first and loot the body there before going straight, loot the body, then go back and kill the Tesso that's roaming. When that's done, go right and you'll see come across another path going left and right, there's a dead-end on the right side where you'll find another corpse that's in the puddle while the left side is another corridor leading to the Tesso that's on high-ground. Kill it then loot the corpse it was eating - jump back down and continue forward after clearing the room.


When you head up the incline, there's another corridor on the right where another Tesso is waiting to ambush you. So be prepared to dodge the minute you walk across it. There's nothing there, so continue forward and climb up the ladder where you'll find the third Kodama just at the left side corner of the ladder - continue forward, and you'll see a soldier wielding a rifle and a Yoki standing next to a large barrel behind the barricade. After killing the soldier and the Yoki, you can kick the barrel down just for fun.


Before you head down the path, check the left side of the area where you'll see a watchtower. Kill the soldier that's at the top of it then walk near it. You'll see a catapult mechanism that you can light up that shoots out cannons towards the Yoki that's far ahead. You can keep using it until the Yoki is dead - When that's done, don't go down the path yet, but instead check the right side of the area first, you'll encounter a Warrior Skeleton and a Dweller that's controlling the catapult. You'll want to kill the Dweller to stop it from shooting out cannons at you when you're exploring the area below.


From where the Dweller and Warrior Skeleton was, you'll see a large gate ahead that's being guarded by a spear-wielding soldier. You can shoot off its helmet with your bow to grab his attention, then finish him off when he's near you. Before going through the gate, head down and you'll encounter two more soldiers there and another Dweller behind a large bucket near the wooden house. Follow the wooden barricades and you'll see an open house and a dual sword-wielding soldier is inside it, at the backside of the house, you'll find an axe-wielding soldier and armored dog - from where the soldier and dog was, go straight and you'll enter the dark realm.


Assuming you've used the catapult earlier, you should have killed the Yoki that was in the field. There's also a Warrior Skeleton wielding a hammer you'll encounter when you're inside. Apart from that, there's a mist that you'll see in the middle, the yokai within it is the source of the dark realm which is a Waira. Killing it dispels the field and you'll be able to open the large chest where the Waira appeared - after that's done, head towards the large gate where you'll find the second shrine beside the entrance of the second dark realm.

Second Shrine

From the second shrine, the path ahead will lead directly into the Dark Realm. As you enter, just stand by the entrance and aim your bow at the top of the watchtower that's on the right side. You can avoid sounding the alarm by shooting the tower's nest with a hand cannon, causing AOE damage to the horn-blower which will cause him to come down and fight you. There's a Warrior Skeleton at the top that blows out a horn which signals the Yokai controlling the catapult to shoot at you. The source of the dark realm is in the middle which is a Koroka, after killing it, clear the lower section first and head inside the house where you'll find a large chest - inside it, there's a Mujina yokai, make sure you mimic the same gesture it does to avoid fighting it and to obtain a couple of loot.


When that's done, go towards the incline that's on the left side. But before going up, there's a cave entrance on the left side. Go inside it and you'll find the Scampuss by the dead-end of the corridor on the left side of the cave. When that's done head up the incline and you'll encounter two Yoki, make sure to run back down about halfway to avoid getting hit by the barrel it pushes down.


Once you've killed the yokai, go straight and climb down the ladder where you'll see a fog blocking the entrance of the basement of the castle on the right. Ignore that for now and go inside the cave entrance on the left. At the end of the cave entrance, you'll see a Namahage standing by the edge. Kill it, then ready your bow and aim at the cliff ahead of you, there's a Warrior Skeleton on top shooting cannons at you. One headshot should do the trick. You'll also notice that the ground is filled with green water, it's not toxic but it's dirty water that applies Stench on you if you're in it for long. If you obtain the Stench effect, the effects of the medicine/elixir will be less potent and your character will act like he/she is throwing up making you vulnerable to enemy attacks. Luckily, there are some large buckets lying around that has water in it, you can douse yourself with it to remove the effect or to reduce the chances of obtaining it while you're walking onto the dirty water. There is a Nurikabe Yokai to the left of the ladder.


After killing the Namahage, go right and climb up the ladder where you'll see a corridor straight ahead. Before heading there, check the corner next to it, you'll find a friendly human NPC named Ryuonojo. Speak to him and he'll ask you for some food. Don't bother giving him elixir, but instead give the Dung Ball. He'll reject it at first, but just force it and give it to him, eventually he'll give in since he's known to be obsessed with the dung balls. If you feed him about 20 - 30 of these in one mission playthrough, you can obtain the Dungball Roller trophy. Dung balls can be obtained from a Tesso yokai or sometimes from other killed enemies, or looted from corpses. You can farm dung balls by resting at a nearby shrine and kill the Tesso, then give it to Ryunojo. Rinse and repeat.


When that's done, go to the corridor near Ryunojo and climb down the ladder where you'll encounter another Tesso. Kill it and approach the wooden cave door, you'll find the fourth Kodama at the left side. Once you've guided it back, turn around and head down the corridor until you reach the end where you'll find a gate that you can unlock. This leads to a shortcut back to the starting point - after opening the gate, go back to the cave entrance and head to the basement entrance of the castle that is blocked by a mist. The yokai within the mist is a Waira, kill it then head inside the basement. Here, you'll encounter another Tesso on the left, a Warrior Skeleton, Dweller, and Toxic Slime on the right. Clear the room of Yokai then go straight. You'll find a ladder on the right and a set of stairs on the left.


In between the stairs and the ladder, there's a corner where you'll see some barrels. Break it and you'll find the fifth Kodama.


After finding the Kodama, go up the stairs and go inside the room on the left. You'll find the Scampuss behind some crates on the right side under the stairs that goes up to the second floor, and a small chest on the left side of the room. Next, don't go up the stairs, but instead, go back and head to the large room opposite of it. You'll encounter a group of Spider yokai there. One is large in size and the other two are normal. After killing it go straight and you'll find the third shrine. If you go straight from the shrine, you'll encounter two soldiers and a large chest.


Also, there's a set of stairs near the spiders that goes up. Look under it and you'll find the second Sudama.

Third Shrine


From the third shrine, head up the stairs on the right that's behind the sliding screen wall which you can break. Go up and you'll come across a red bridge. The Dark Realm is at the other end of the bridge where you'll encounter a Warrior Skeleton, a Yoki, and the source of it, a Namahage. Before heading inside, make sure to shoot down the soldier that's on the left side from the red bridge. Assuming you've cleared the dark realm, check the left side of the room where you'll find a large chest as well as a door next to it which you can unlock.


After opening the chest and the door, check the opposite side of the floor and cross the purple bridge this time. At the end of it, you'll find a room that has a lever with a purple panel and another locked door that you can now unlock. Pull the lever for the bridge to rotate to the path leading to the tower of the castle the unlock the gate. Go through the gate you just unlocked and you'll find another room in the middle of the second floor that has another lever with a red panel, pull it and the red bridge will rotate which is now connected to the purple bridge.


Now, head over to the bridge and when you're on the purple bridge, you'll see a small room on the left side. Go to that room and break the crates on the right side, you'll find the sixth Kodama there.


After finding the sixth Kodama, go back to the purple bridge and jump down to the room below it. Check around the corner and you'll see a hole on the wooden floor that leads to a secret room where you'll find two things. One, a Spa (Hot Spring) and the last Kodama for this mission - next, you'll want to head back up the second floor, cross the red and purple bridge, and head to the tower of the castle where you'll face the boss of this mission.

Boss: Azai Nagamasa


Once you open the door leading to the tower of the castle. A cutscene will trigger before facing the boss. To learn more about defeating this boss, click here. Or you can check the video guide that is linked below. Successfully killing the boss completes the mission and you'll also obtain his Guardian Spirit: Hiyokucho.






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