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Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness --
Resistances --
Immune --
Special Drop Rewards

Mujina is an Enemy in Nioh 2. Mujina is a badger transformed into crafty and cunning Yokai. They can shapeshift into humans and mimic their prey's moves.


Enemy Description

  • Mujina are badgers transformed into crafty and cunning yokai. Like foxes and tanuki, stories of them disguising themselves as humans to do mischief have circulated since ancient times. They enjoy hiding inside treasure chests and springing out to surprise whoever opens the lid.
  • Mujina love playing pranks and causing trouble, and are not necessarily malicious by nature. They may move strangely to see how a startled person reacts, but if that person responds with the same movement, they will leave the area, satisfied with their newfound playmate.


Mujina Locations & Drops


Combat Information

  • Upon discovering a Mujina hiding in a treasure chest, they will pop out, transform into a clone of your character (that takes the appearance of a Revenant, but will not count as a Revenant for the purposes of titles), and perform a Gesture.
  • Combat with a Mujina can be avoided by copying the Gesture they perform upon transforming. E.g., if they perform the Bow Gesture, performing the Bow Gesture in response will cause them to disappear, dropping their loot. If you make a mistake and perform the wrong Gesture, they will attack you immediately.


Notes & Trivia

  • Chests with a Mujina in them can be visually confirmed by looking at the corners.  Regular chests will have two horizontal metal bands at each corner, while mimic chests containing Mujina will have three such horizontal metal bars.
  • Using the whistle gesture at a treasure chest with a Mujina in it will cause the yokai to come out as a clone and greet you with a gesture.  Repeat the gesture within the allotted time, and the Mujina will drop its loot for you without a fight.
  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.
  • They might be related to Kamaitachi (sickle weasel) because some beliefs portray them as thieves.
  • The hood of skin they hold above their head may in fact be that of their scrotum, as in Japanese Folkore, the Mujina are closely related to the Tanuki.
  • Memories - “Gah hah! Your gestures are so funny! Show me some more!”



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    • Anonymous

      The chests that have a Mujina in them have 3 bands on each side instead of 2. If you approach a chest with 3 bands and use the whistle gesture, the Mujina will jump out and perform its gesture. You can either mimic the gesture or use this time to get behind it for a sneak attack.

      • Anonymous

        Like in the first Nioh, you can avoid fighting the Mujina if you pay close attention to the gesture that is does, mimc the gesture and it will satisfied and drop goodies for you. Pay close attention as you only get one shot to do the right gesture and doing the wrong one will make it angry.

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