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Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Purity
Resistances Fire
Immune --
Special Drop Rokurokubi Soul Core

Rokurokubi is an Enemy in Nioh 2. Appearing initially as a human soldier, Rokurokubi will reveal itself mid-fight, it's head sprouting tall from it's elongated neck.


Enemy Description

  • These yokai feature elongated necks, although they are indistinguishable from regular humans when their necks are retracted. This enables them to blend in with society, so much so that it is said some rokurokubi do not even realize they are not human. In such cases, the rokurokubi often learn of their true nature from people who see the yokai's necks elongate while they sleep.
  • There are many theories concerning the origin and true nature of the rokurokubi. While some believe that they are somehow born as rokurokubi when children, others think that they are snakes that have changed into human form after many years. Given the sheer number of theories, it is likely there is no single explanation of their origin.


Rokurokubi Locations & Drops


Combat Information

  • Rokurokubi will often be disguised as standard human enemies, sometimes even hidden amongst genuine humans. It will even fight as a human for a bit before revealing it's true nature. Keep an eye out for a purple Ki bar to tell the difference.
  • Rokurokubi's long neck gives it an impressive range. Be careful when backing off to take an elixer or perform an ability, as it might still be able to reach you. 
  • Can breathe a stream of fire or poison, and will spit projectiles at longer ranges.
  • Has a powerful whirling grab that spins to catch you if you dodge behind. Keep an eye out for the grab particles and back off completely to avoid.
    • On Dream of the Wise it becomes a Burst Attack and much faster.
  • Depleting a Rokurokubi's Ki almost always staggers it to the ground for an immediate grapple.
  • While it's still using a human moveset, it will not be staggered unless you empty it's Ki gauge, however if you do, it will be staggered by everything, react the same way humans do to attacks that tumble or trip like Twisting Spear or Entangle, and even get unique reactions to certain attacks, such as Heaven Flash, which will ground them after the slash connects, which doesn't happen on humans.


Notes & Trivia

  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.
  • Memories - “Er, I fear something’s the matter with my poor neck..”




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    • Anonymous

      >Cannot be flinched.
      >Head cannot be shot mid reveal animation.
      >If Ki is broken they stand back up faster than any other enemy in the game.
      >If shot from a distance it will do no damage and they will transform.
      >Very unorthodox Burst Counter timing.
      >Annoying at all distances.

      • Anonymous

        If the situation allows to be away from them and you are good at aiming, an arrow or a bullet to the head will drop them on their knees stunned for a few seconds and you can do a grapple attack for massive damage. They walk slowly so if you aggro them you can back off a few meters and fire at them as they walk towards you.

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