Hellish Hag

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Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Purity
Resistances Corruption
Immune ??
Special Drop Rewards

Hellish Hag is an Enemy in Nioh 2. Hellish Hag is a feral humanoid Yokai that attacks with sharp claws and teeth.


Enemy Description

  • Hellish hags are demons with a frightful countenance, and can be found living in Yomi, the Japanese underworld. According to legend, they are incredibly light on their feet, which is likely why they were sent to chase after Izanagi when he attempted to flee Yomi. On the verge of being caught, Izanagi flung a hair ornament made from vines to the ground, where a fruit-bearing crimson glory vine immediately sprung forth. He then broke a bristle off a comb and flung it the same way, causing a bamboo shoot to sprout where it hit the ground. Distracted by the delicious feast before them, the Hellish Hags gave up the chase and Izanagi was able to escape.
  • Hellish Hags have tremendous appetites and will not hesitate to chase down anything that looks like it can be consumed, intent on sinking the sharp teeth in their gaping mouths into their prey. Humans are just another tasty treat to these yokai, so anyone who runs across a Hellish Hag should be as wary of them as they would be of any starving carnivorous beast. While the sight of a Hellish Hag advancing on you with its crooked teeth bared is a spine-chilling sight, landing a blow on these very teeth is the key to greatly weakening this yokai.


Hellish Hag Locations & Drops


Combat Information

Hellish Hags have three attacks:

  • A combo with their sharp nails. Blocking is effective.
  • Doggedly rushing your while biting. This does a large amount of Ki damage if you block, but of you attack their teeth during this attack, it briefly stuns them and does a large amount of permanent Ki damage.
  • A long range grapple. This can be dodged easily by going into High stance and rolling in their direction when they put their hands down. It also becomes a burst attack when their teeth are broken.

 When their Ki is drained, they fall over and stay on the ground for five seconds. They will not recover early if you attack them, so feel free to do your strongest attacks before grappling them.

Notes & Trivia

  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.
  • Memories - “Hee hee hee! What is that delicious smell wafting about the place? Well, whatever it is, it’s giving me an appetite!”




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