Nightmare Bringer

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Enemy Type Yokai 
Weakness --

Fire Water Lightning Corruption

Poison Paralysis 

Immune Confusion
Special Drop Exorcist Fists

Nightmare Bringer is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. As the Nightmare Bringer is a more powerful form of Otakemaru, he can attack with his three elemental swords as well as his own body.

Enemy Description

The Nightmare Bringer was born when Otakemaru fused with his guardian spirit Yumehani, hoping that it will help him realize his dream of eradicating humanity at last. Using his power to corrupt peaceful yokai, Otakemaru transformed Yumehani into an aratama. The resentment that lingered over the war-torn land fueled Yumehani's strength, lending it unimaginable power. It was this almighty form that Otakemaru ultimately merged with, leading to the birth of one of the most horrifying demons to ever have existed on this plane.

The Nightmare Bringer is thoroughly governed by its feelings of loathing, amplified a hundredfold by all the resentment observed into its body. As such, it rampages around the battlefield at the mercy of its destructive impulses. While there is no need to worry about sneak attacks coming from the rear when doing battle with it, its sheer destructive force is not to be taken lightly. It's entire body so brims with strength that it itself is a lethal weapon, and a mere scratch from this monstrosity is deadly enough to kill a regular human being.

As the Sanmyo Sword and Otakemaru have a long history together, his ability to wield the weapon of fire, water, and lightning as if it were a part of his own body is not diminished even in his maddened state. In other words, Otakemaru has lost nothing during his transformation into the Nightmare Bringer, and should be thought of as a mightier, deadlier enemy. The Nightmare Bringer is energized by the Yokai Realm and will gain more powerful physical attacks when standing within it, signaled by the demon's feet growing in size. While this makes it deadlier, it's enlarged feet are not entirely stable so seizing this opportunity to attack may win you the battle yet.

Nightmare Bringer Locations & Drops

Combat Information

  • Blocking effective?
  • Area Attacks?
  • Ninjutsu tips
  • Ki Tips

 Nightmare Bringer does not have back, thus you do not do more damage from his behind

Notes & Trivia

  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.
  • Memories - “Suzuka…I have gone back. Back to the day we shared the same dream…”
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    • Anonymous

      weird, he's far easier compared to fighting Otakemaru, his damage is a lot painful yes, but much slower and predictable they can be evaded easily. i guess a big body has a downside even for a demon king. funny thing is, i got him winded (zero ki stun) when he's still 75%-80% health, then shred him to death with Water Sword (dual skill), even when he's already dead my slashes haven't finished for another 5 seconds.

      • Anonymous

        While it could be that I'm simply a big dumb dumb, I swear blind there are few or no attacks that can be burst-countered at the higher difficulty levels. Am I missing something?

        • Anonymous

          Don't know how high your Astral Wisdom needs to be to understand what he says (or if it's even possible) but I'm still getting yokai-speak at 275

          • Anonymous

            High stance is the go-to for this fight. Dodge WHEN the attack is about to land as it will track you until the very moment it lands. This is the single most important thing to know when fighting this boss.
            The burst counters are incredibly easy to land and with some patience and perseverance, it'll be over and with little to no damage taken.

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