konaki jiji nioh2 wiki guide
Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Purity
Resistances Corruption
Immune N/A
Special Drop Rewards

Konaki-Jiji is an Enemy in Nioh 2. Konaki-Jiji is a ????? Yokai that attacks with ???.


Enemy Description

  • Konaki-Ji ji is a yokai from the Shikoku region who takes the form of an old man. Using its cry that resembles the crying of a baby, it tricks passing humans into picking it up, thinking that it is an abandoned child. Once picked up, it grows as heavy as a rock, clinging to the human until the human is crushed under its weight. The Shikoku region also has tales of a strange stone known as the Oppasho Stone that tempts and then crushes people in a similar way, causing speculations that the yokai and this stone must be related.
  • The Konaki-Jiji is essentially a yokai made of stone, so those who are not fooled by its childlike cry are still in for a tough fight due to its rock-hard defenses. Weapons do not do much damage to its stony body, so the key to defeating it lies in looking out for the vulnerable moments when it is not in its rocky form. Elemental attacks are also effective against it.


Konaki-Jiji Locations & Drops


Combat Information

  • Blocking effective?
  • Area Attacks?
  • Ninjutsu tips
  • Ki Tips


Notes & Trivia

  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.
  • Memories - “Heh heh heh! They fall for it every time! I cry, they lick me up…I strike!”




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      Reliably vulnerable to fire whether hardened up or not. They remain fleshy whenever they're not actively attacking you, so are better kept at a distance for damaging where possible if you don't have the means to fire-kite them down.

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