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Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Lightning
Resistances Water
Immune ??
Special Drop Rewards

Yasha is an Enemy in Nioh 2. Yasha is a Female Yokai that attacks with water powers and a two ended polearm.


Enemy Description

  • Yasha were once noblewomen, transformed into demons by Spirit Stones and their own hatred. They originally appeared in indian folklore, sometimes as water gods, but came to Japan via the teachings of Buddhism. There is a Japanese idiom that likens the more fearsome side of a woman's personality to a Yasha. The Yasha have also been implicated in various folktales about women who performed mysterious ceremonies to obtain dark magical powers. One should beware these powers when facing a Yasha in battle.
  • Among the many tales of women who turned into demons die to their bitter jealously, "Uji no Hashihime" (The Maiden of the Uji Bridge) is likely the most famous. It tells the story of a Heian noblewoman, so taken by jealously that she prayed at the Kifune Shrine to be turned into a demon so that she might kill her enemies. The shrine god took pity on her and commanded her to disguise herself as a demon, then submerge herself in hte Uji River for twenty-one days. This legend is said to be the origin of "ushi no koku mairi", a well-known Japanese method of putting a curse on a target.


Yasha Locations & Drops


Combat Information

  Yasha are a very dangerous enemy with long range and extended melee strings. Staying away isn't safe either, as she can summon a line of water puddles and several yokai realm projectiles at you from afar. That said, her melee attacks also don't do much ki damage on block so one could black some of her attacks and then dodge behind her, as they don't track horizontally that well beyond being wide.

One of her burst attacks is a stomp that summons a wave. If it hits you you are sent tumbling, and if you use a phantom burst counter, only the stomp itself is actually burst counter-able.

She has a long range unblockable attack that grapples you, does a large amount of damage and gives you a status ailment that will reduce your health to 1 when it expires, unless you dispel the effect manually or by attacking her candles on her head. Doing so also does a large amount of Ki damage.

When she runs out of Ki she kneels over. Attacking her after she has fully knelled will prevent you from grappling.

Notes & Trivia

  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.
  • Memories - “It is the Hour if the Ox on the Day of the Ox in the Month of the Ox! O Mighty One, it is time to unleash my curse!”




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