Aberrant Soldier

aberrant soldier nioh2 wiki guide
Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Purity
Resistances Corruption
Immune --
Special Drop Aberrant Soldier Soul Core

Aberrant Soldier is an Enemy in Nioh 2. Aberrant Soldier is a fallen soldier that draws power from various Yokai, this enemy can use a spear, sword, and shoot out a rocket-type stone that inflicts damage.


Enemy Description

  • Soldiers that have come to harness the power of yokai by using Spirit Stones. It was once fairly common to hear the Japanese word for an aberrant, "gedo", spoken in western Japan, often in reference to people possessed by demons that committed violent acts. It was rumored that these acts were the work of the ghosts of animals or vengeful apparitions, and eventually, the term encompassed any and all evil Yokai that possessed people. Therein lies the origin of the Aberrant Soldier's name, as they carry various kinds of yokai within them.
  • The word "gedo" also carries the general meaning of being lost or of one who has strayed from the established path. "Sado", the left path, also holds the same meaning, as there was an ancient belief that the right side was the true path and spurned the left as the path of evil. That an Aberrant Soldier's yokai power resides in their left arm can surely not be a mere coincidence. The Spirit Stone embedded in their left shoulder is their means of controlling the inhuman power and damaging it will rob them of the ability to draw strength from the yokai.


Aberrant Soldier Locations & Drops


Combat Information

  • These yokai are unique in that they have certain shared attributes with regular human enemies: first being their ability to block attacks, and second is becoming vulnerable to grapples after losing their Ki.
  • All variants of Aberrant Soldiers have the ability to launch a rock fist towards the player; but some will prioritize this last when the player is near enough. This projectile can be reflected back by using Gust Talismans or with Yata Mirror (a Dream of the Wise and up accessory)
  • While relatively easy to take down, their ability to block also makes them somewhat tankier; as Yokai normally have more Ki than regular human enemies.
  • Its weak spot is the glowing Amrita formation on its shoulder. Hitting it can cause a significant amount of Ki damage; be it from range or melee.
  • Depending on the NG cycle, they may use more powerful yokai abilities (e.g. Kamaitachi tornadoes, Bakegani bubble attacks or jetstreams, etc.). At lower NG cycles they would most commonly use the Enki spears on top of brute attacks and grabs.

 Notes & Trivia

  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.
  • They share Date Shigezane's corrupted appearance due to them having one massive arm.
  • Memories - “If all you wish is to die in battle…Well, let my meager light inspire you to achieve your dreams!”




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