Red Kappa

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Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness ??
Resistances ??
Immune ??
Special Drop Kappa Soul Core

Red Kappa is an Enemy in Nioh 2. Red Kappa is a river Yokai that attacks with shell and jump attacks.


Enemy Description

  • The red kappa is a special kind of tappa found in the land of Tono in northern Mutsu Province. Although they also have the dish-like depression on their heads and turtle-like shell on their backs like regular kappa, their skin is actually reddish in color. Additionally, they do not flee at the sight of humans and have been known to attack children and women who wander near the rivers where they dwell. However, it is said that some of them have abandoned their evil ways after being captured. There is a location known as Kappabuchi in Tono where many red kappa can be found
  • This shell on the red kappa's back is extremely hard, and nearly negates any attacks from behind. The dish-like depression on their head is almost always wet, and it is thought that the red kappa is weakened if it dries out. It is also said that they will die if the dish is cracked


Red Kappa Locations & Drops


Combat Information

  • Red Kappas, unlike regular Kappas, are more aggressive and more engaging in combat.
  • Unlike the regular Kappas that normally have Water, these enemies use liquid projectiles that inflict paralysis.
  • One of its moves is its ability to spin around a player with gradually increasing speed. It is advisable to turn off lock-on during this as it can be near-impossible to connect hits when a player's camera continually follows the Kappa.

Notes & Trivia

  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.
  • Memories - “Heh heh, I’m happy to lend you my shell!” Which is identical to memory for the Kappa.




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