Ancient Nyotengu

ancient nyotengu
Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Purity
Resistances Corruption
Immune ??
Special Drop Hayakaze Spear
Ancient Vestments
Scampuss Fists
Ancient Nyotengu Soul Core

Ancient Nyotengu is an Enemy in Nioh 2. Ancient Nyotengu is a Female Tengu Yokai that attacks with Martial Arts and Magic.


Enemy Description


Ancient Nyotengu Locations & Drops

Combat Information

  • The majority of her attacks don't do much Ki damage on block, so blocking until you find an opening to dodge is a good strategy against her.
  • She has low recovery time after doing an attack, as well as a parry and an extremely dangerous and fast burst attack grapple. If you get an opening, attack quickly with moves that have low recovery, then back away/ block.
  • Unlike other Yokai Bosses, she will immediately be put into a grapple state when she gets burst countered if it drains her temporary Ki gauge or if it is already at zero. If you know you cannot drain her permanent Ki gauge you can stall until she does something you can burst counter.
  • While in a grapple state, she wont go to the dark realm immediately after being attacked, and she doesn't do an attack to enter the Dark Realm either, leaving her open for an extended period of time.
  • If dealing with the Grapple is bothersome, try staying at least one dash distance away, close enough to bait her into doing that move but far enough away to react consistently. Make sure to always have at least 1 Anima to burst counter, as she doesn't leave any dark realm pools in any of her attacks outside of burst attacks.
  • Before doing an attack, she may occasionally create a tornado to pull you closer to her.
  • She is less resistant to corruption than the rest of the elements, so a build heavy on corruption accumulation may be able to apply the status once or twice.



Burst Attack Grapple: She spreads her arms wide and flies toward you quickly.
If she catches you, you get suplexed for massive damage
Burst counter. Try to stay a dodge distance away to make it easier to react to. Much harder to time with Brute.

Alternatively, as it has no tracking, you can dodge away, but she winds up to far away to counter attack typically.
Burst Attack Whirlwind: She creates a powerful wind to pull you close, and then blows you away with a powerful explosion of wind. Burst Counter. Blocking also doesn't take much Ki to do.
Parry: Occasionally after doing an attack she strikes a pose. Attacking her during this will cause her to attempt a unblockable counter attack. Be mindful of this attack when you attempt to counter attack. The parry fails against many active skills or yokai abilities, and if you notice you attack into the pose animation dodge away.
Tidal Waves: She will slowly move forward, waving her Tengu Fan and creating five water tidal waves. These don't do much Ki damage if you block them, and also won't deal any water damage. The second to last wave appears to her left; after the fourth wave dodge to her left and get in for damage, taking care not to land behind her.
She has several melee attack strings None of them do much Ki damage on block. You can safely block and dodge the last hit.  Note that if you block a Dive Kick from her she will attempt to attack again, so try to dodge those.
Fireball: She creates a fireball, then jumps into the air to spike it toward you. She has a large blind spot in close to her. Close the distance while she is charging the fireball and attempt to get behind her.
Dance of the Tengu: While in the dark realm, she will create three clones that attack you while she slowly glides backwards. They do not track behind them. Dodge into the clones and toward Nyotengu and you can attack her for free without trouble.

Notes & Trivia

  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.
  • Memories - “To think that I'd be bested by a creature without wings! I fear that scrumptious aroma was a tad too distracting...”
  • Ancient Nyotengu shares many physical appearances and personalities with Nyotengu from Dead or Alive. They also share the same voice actor (Akemi Sato). However, they don't seem to be connceted lorewise, merely share a similar appearances.
  •  When she is beaten she will sometimes respond in a flirty way. She only seems to do this with male protagonists.
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    • I would suggest not using Brute for this boss. Her grab attack, which she uses often, is extremely hard to counter with Brute. Of course, you can simply dodge her grab, but then you can't take advantage of her most frequently used counter opportunity.

      Anyway, I found this a good challenging fight. I missed her on my first playthrough so I first fought her on NG1. I believe I beat her on my 4th or 5th attempt at around level 260ish.

      • Anonymous

        oh look! It's the worst boss in the game. Whoever designed this should be banned from making video games.

        • Anonymous

          Why does she wear bandages?
          It just looks weird and messes with her design, it's also totally out of character....

          • Anonymous

            The Alluring Ancient
            You have to have the three rice sweets from the last samurai dlc.
            Also have to complete the main missions in that DLC I believe(don't remember on that last bit).

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