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Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Fire
Resistances Corruption
Immune --
Special Drop Tatarimokke Soul Core

Tatarimokke is a Boss in Nioh 2. Tatarimokke is an aggressive flying owl yokai that deals severe ki damage and can control the brightness of an entire area.


Enemy Description

A Tatarimokke is formed when a large number of resentful spirits coalesce to form a giant owl. In the Tohoku region, locals use the word "tatarimokke" to refer to the spiteful curse of those who met grisly deaths. Folktales in a Tatarimokke's body, and the hooting calls of the yokai are actually the infant child's cries.

Tatarimokke typically do not exceed the size of a large bird but extraordinarily large versions of this yokai are occasionally born when a multitude of vengeful spirits are drawn to one another and coalesce into a much bigger entity. These giant Tatarimokke are capable of releasing the spirits that form them in clusters, firing them at humans like living arrows.

Since their birdlike bodies allow them to fly, it is crucial to have a strategy for combating a Tatarimokke while it is in midair. They are capable of a diverse range of attacks, but each can be countered with keen observation. For instance, the Tatarimokke's sudden diving attack is incredibly powerful, but dodging it will force the yokai to land, giving you the advantage. These are quite a few other attacks that will force it to land if handled appropiately, so identifying these is the key to remaining unflappable in battle

Tatarimokke Locations & Drops

How to Beat Tatarimokke

Tatarimokke Boss Guide:


Tatarimokke's battlefield is irregular and poison orbs can be found near the buildings to boost your damage. The cave is narrow and long limiting the area to dodge or run away.

Staying near him and blocking his wing attacks waiting for his burst attack can be a good strategy. Just keep blocking his attacks until he performs the burst attack. Use your burst counter, destroy his eyes, roll back and repeat.

The best way to deal damage to Tatarimokke is by destroying its eyes. You can do this by performing a strong attack while standing in front of him. Notice that your weapon will have to hit the eye in order to destroy it. This will deal both Health and Ki Damage. As an additional plus, destroying his third eye will deny his ability to perorm the laser beam attack.

The boss can perform different attacks using his beak, claws and wings. His wings attacks are particularly weak, allowing you to block them whiout loosing much Ki.

Staying near him and blocking his wing attacks waiting for his burst attack can be a good strategy. Just keep blocking his attacks until he performs the burst attack. Use your burst counter, destroy his eyes, roll back and repeat.

While he is on the air you can use Ninjutsu skills to deal damage while he remains stationary.

Be careful of his claws and beak attack as they deal a high amount of break damage quickly depleting your Ki while guarding.

Once you transfer into the Dark Realm the whole screen will go dark and you will regularly loose track of Tatarimokke. Also a red orb will appear that periodically spawns ghosts that will deal high Ki Damage and leave a Yokai Pool where they hit. You can use your guard to avoid both the Ki Damage and Yokai Pools. If you manage to destroy the Red Orb you will leave the Dark Realm.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Beak Attack: It will lean forward grappling you and dealing massive damage with its beak Dodge either Left, Right or Backwards
Wing Attacks: It will use it's wings to attack from the sides. Use your guard to prevent the damage. You can additionally dodge through both swipes, but dodging the first often means the second will not hit you.
Fether Attack: It will perfrom a ranged attack throwing feathers in a wide arc in front of him. This attack can be performed both while in the ground and air Use your guard to block the feathers
Claws Attack: It will perform a two hit combo forward with its claws. Dodge to either side and then strike back when the combo ends.
Beam Attack: It will fire a red beam forward using the third eye. Note that Tatarimokke can turn its head 180 degreens and use this attack backwards You can block and dodge this attack. Since the beam starts at Tatarimokke's feet, you have ample time to dodge to the side.
Ghost Attack: It will summon ghost from its wings that deal high ki damage and leave a Yokai Pool on impact. You can block the ghosts to avoid both the Ki damage and Yokai Pools. This attack is very slow, so you can use the opportunity to heal or perform a ranged attack.
Spinning Attack: It will spin dealing AOE damage around him. You can block this attack using guard or dodge backwards.


Notes & Trivia

  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.
  • Memories - “At last…I am…At peace…And now…it seems…I am…With you…”
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    • Anonymous

      For my fellow splitstaff enjoyers, dragon dance absolutely destroys this yokai. At the start just run towards the purity pot and break it, then get right on it and just spam dragon dance and watch him getting melt. Save your yokai shift for the dark realm to destroy the red orb.

      • Anonymous

        Any bosses that keeps running away from you is really boring, easy but boring boss. Couldn't they make this one better instead of stupid bird who kept flying away and ran from players?

        • Anonymous

          How much Astral Wisdom do you need to understand this guy? I've beaten the game, all the missions & got all the soul cores exvept the kodama one & this is the only yokai I can't understand

          • Anonymous

            Will an Onmyo Magic build find this fight easier? Like just spam some Fire Shots/Explosive Shots at the bird?

            • Anonymous

              In my oponion, this is the only bad designed biss that the game has to offer, and it isn't because he's hard.
              His moveset is really static and easy to learn, but the carpet bombing of homing dark things was a true bullshit, especially during the dark realm phase.
              Without takingbin consideration that if you're using light armors and you're still in early-mid game, the grab attack which he spam is a death sentence.
              And it isn't always easy to dodge it, since sometimes he'll chain it during his combo and when you have an opening for attacking.

              • Anonymous

                His diving attack is one of his biggest openings, once he hits the ground he's vulnerable for some time, so bury your head up his ass and wail on him at those moments.

                • Anonymous

                  He's quite trivial until his yokai realm phase, even then, it's mostly just because he's hard to even see as his moveset isn't changed up too much.

                  • Anonymous

                    Was one of the most easiest boss in my first playthrough. Just use High Stance with any weapon and you'll melt this boss.

                    • Anonymous

                      Shuriken are really good at smashing his eyes. If you have the ability to spam shuriken, you can take out two of his eyes before he even does his first attack.

                      • Anonymous

                        Resistances : Poison LOL I guess this poor bastard didn't plan around someone specializing in poisoning than because I've Kept his poisoned for entire fights and just rekiteded his hps to Zilch

                        • Anonymous

                          If you manage to scare Tatarimoke away (twice) on the way to the boss arena his Anima is halved. Not sure if this is a good thing as fighting him in the dark realm is a nightmare. Also in NG+ I destroyed 3/4 of his health with the Otakemaru soul core ability. That fight was over rather quickly.

                          • Anonymous

                            "If you destroy the third eye this attack will be canceled." I dont think so. Watched some videos and uses beam although third eye been destroyed.

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