Guardian Spirits are special entities in Nioh 2 that the player can imbue with characters to gain protection and special effects. Nioh 2 Guardian Spirits are unique in that they can be attuned to Soul Cores and thus unlock Yokai Skills for players to activate special abilities. This page covers a full list of Nioh 2 Guardian Spirits, the buffs they provide, their stats, and their special effects.


How to use Yokai Shift in Nioh 2

Activate Yokai Shift by pressing + (BY on Xbox/Steam controller) when the Amrita Gauge is full. Activating Yokai Shift will replace your Life Gauge and Ki Gauge with the Yokai Shift Gauge. While in Yokai Shift, any damage you receive will not affect your health or Ki, depleting your Yokai Shift Gauge instead. The Yokai Shift Gauge will also deplete with time, transforming you back into human form when it is fully depleted.


How to use Yokai Skills in Nioh 2

Attune your Guardian Spirit with a specific Soul Core and you'll be able to perform the Yokai Skills associated with the core. Press R2+triangle or Square during combat if you have enough Anima.

Each Soul Core possesses a unique power, each requiring differing amounts of Yokai Force to activate. A Guardian Spirit can be attuned to up to two (eventually three) Soul Cores, each one corresponding to a different slot and activation command.


Nioh 2 Guardian Spirit & Soul Core Guide


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Nioh 2 Guardian Spirits Guide

All Guardian Spirits
Guardian Spirit Combinations

Guardian Spirits in Nioh 2





rokugezo nioh2 wiki guide

An elephant spirit that increases the player's toughness.

Special Effects:



usura hicho nioh2 wiki guide

A butterfly spirit that boosts Life Recovery.

Special Effects:







itokuri guardian spirit nioh2 wiki guide

A spider guardian spirit that increases item drop rate.

Special Effects:



mizuchi guardian spirit nioh 2 wiki guide 150px

A Dragon guardian spirit that increases Anima Bonus (Water Attack).

Special Effects:

Kurama Tengu

kurama tengu nioh2 wiki guide

A great Tengu from Mount Kurama that increases Ki recovery.

Special Effects:


ho nioh2 wiki guide

A male bird guardian spirit that increases High Attack Damage.

Special Effects:


Kuzunoha the Fox

kuzunoha the fox nioh2 wiki guide

A Guardian Spirit that takes the form of a white fox, and the foremost messenger of the fox deity, Inari.

Special Effects:



janomecho nioh2 wiki guide

A humanoid guardian spirit possessing butterfly wings and antenae, Janomecho is said to have a strong connection with death and the soul, and that all who speak its real name die-- hence why people call it janomecho, a type of butterfly known as "Minois dryas" in English.

Special Effects:


ho oh nioh2 wiki guide

A guardian spirit that reduces the damage taken from Yokai.

Special Effects:


oh nioh2 wiki guide

A female bird-like spirit that helps life recover.

Special Effects:



amabie nioh2 wiki guide

A jumping fish spirit that can improve your healing ability.

Special Effects:





Guardian Spirit Combination Effects

After enough progression has been made in game, the player can have two Guardian Spirits at a time, with one being the Primary Guardian Spirit, having access to the full extent of its benefits, and the other being a Secondary Guardian Spirit, having half the effectiveness of special effects with this secondary icon guardian spirit nioh 2 wiki guide 24px symbol. In addition, you gain another passive bonus for having a certain combination of Guardian Spirits:

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