Dawn of Hope is a Sub Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 117, has a difficulty level of 5, and features both human and yokai enemies. Dawn of Hope tasks players with finding William's son. This mission is unlocked after completing the Main Mission: In the Eye of the Beholder. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.


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General Info

  • Recommended Lvl: 117
  • Mission Lvl. Difficulty: 5
  • Bosses: Onryoki


Video Walkthrough

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Mission Rewards

First Time Completion
Subsequent Completion




Equipment & Materials
Soul Cores
Key Items
  • Chapel Key



Dawn of Hope

Mission Start Text

I come to you concerning an urgent matter. William's son has gone missing. It seems you helped my father many a times, and I hope that I can rely on you as well.

I am sorry to ask this of you, but if you could help me, I would be most grateful.

Mission End Text

They grow up so fast, don't they? It seems the little brat went off to hunt demons and got himself snatched instead. Well, thanks for your help. If you ever find yourself with time to spare, be sure to swing by Hirato.

Kodama Locations

  • none

Sudama Locations

  • none

Scampuss Locations

  • none

Spa Locations

  • none

Locks Locations

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Dawn of Hope Walkthrough

The Missing Son

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When you arrive at the starting point, you'll see William and the first shrine for this mission. You don't need to speak to him since he is automatically in your party and will accompany you all throughout this sub mission. If you're ready, head straight and climb up the ladder. You'll find yourself in what seems to be an experimental study room and you'll see a yokai mist in the middle. The yokai within it is a Magatsu Warrior and behind the mist is an Aberrant Soldier, be sure to loot the corpse that's in the room after you kill the yokai. Next, climb up the second ladder to the room above and two large Warrior Skeleton will spawn in the middle of the room, after defeating both skeleton yokai, two Yoki will spawn next. After killing the yokai, head outside and go towards the room that's at the end of the walkway on the right. Another large Warrior Skeleton will spawn by the door, you'll find a corpse that you can loot inside the room

one eyed oni encounter dawn of hope nioh 2 wiki guide 600px

Next, check the other end of the walkway and you'll encounter a One-eyed Oni patrolling the corridors. From where the giant was, head towards the end of the corridor on the right side and open the door of the room where you'll find another body that you can loot. The door to the chapel on the left side of the corridor is locked and you'll need the key for it. After checking the small room, go back to the building where you fought the two Warrior Skeleton and Yoki yokai enemies, head up the second floor, kill the two Ninjas, open the chest, and go up the third floor where you'll find the second shrine for this mission.

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Next, open the door that's beside the shrine and you'll find yourself on the rooftop. Walk near the edge, then drop down onto the other roof that's below you. As soon as you land, you'll be ambushed by another Ninja. From here, you'll want to go to the right side and head into the library. When you're in the middle of the room, you'll be locked in and two Yoki will spawn, followed by an Enki and another Yoki. And last will be two Warrior Skeleton and a Magatsu Warrior, the Magatsu Warrior drops the Chapel Key which you'll need to unlock the door of the chapel that leads to the marked destination, also, make sure you open the large chest that's inside the library. Go down to the first floor and you'll encounter a Tesso and Yoki yokai enemies - there really aren't any collectibles here, but you can farm for Amrita and Gold from the yokai that's patrolling the rooms and the courtyard area, and you can also find loot from corpses.

Boss Battle: Onryoki

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If you're done clearing the area, make sure to pray at a nearby shrine, before you head towards the door of the chapel and open it where you'll fight against the boss of this mission. Upon entering the chapel, a Karasu Tengu and Aberrant Soldier will first spawn, followed by an Enki and One-eyed Oni. After killing the last pair of yokai, Onryoki will appear. This will be your third encounter against this boss, and this time, it will be a bit easy for you because you have William who's accompanying you. To learn more about this boss, click here, or check our video guide that is linked below. Once you've defeated the boss, you'll find William's son sleeping on the podium - this completes the mission

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Before the mission ends, a short cinematic will trigger and you'll be possessed and obtain the boy's Guardian Spirit: Gyokuto.






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Trivia & Notes:

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