Shibata Katsuie

Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Poison, Water
Resistances Fire
Immune ??
Special Drop

Deadly Spiral (Hatchet Skill)
Smithing Text: Oni Shibata's Armor Oni Shibata's Helmet
Oni Shibata's Greaves
Urn Splitter Hatchets
Chinese Crown Helmet

Shibata Katsuie is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Shibata Katsuie is a Yokai enemy that attacks with tusks like a boar and he uses fire element..


Enemy Description

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Shibata Katsuie Locations & Drops



How to Beat Shibata Katsuie

Shibata Katsuie Boss Guide:


Shibata Katsuie can be found in a small square battlefield. Most of the fight he will be rushing at you from wall to wall.

Try to stay in the middle of the room and avoid his charge attacks. He will usually recover after finishing one of his moves so use the opportunity to strike back.

Using Firestop Talismans and Fire Resistance equipment can be a good idea to increase your durability.

 While in the Dark Realm all his attacks will be imbued with fire. He will also gain a new charge using his weapons to move around the battlefield and leaving a trail of fire behind. You can use ki-damaging weapons (f.e.: fists or tonfas) and exploit his low ki by spamming ki-damaging active skills (Battering Ram for the fists, for example) to get him out of the Dark Realm. Usually 2-3 Battering Rams are enough to reduce his ki to 0, where you can switch to a faster, DPS-oriented weapon and wail on him as much as you'd like to. If you manage to land enough hits with any active skill or a Yokai skill (f.e. the Namahage soul core ability), you can stagger him and he will be open for a counter when he returns to the normal world. This method basically nullifies his Dark Realm phases, as if you manage to reduce his max ki even by 20% (on NG, that is), it will be more than enough to use the Battering Ram on him 2x, or later, even just once, to get his ki down to 0.

When Shibata Katsuie uses one of his charge attacks (either the normal charge, or the grab) dodge TOWARDS him, so you roll through the boss and end up behind him. It will stop his charge, so he won't run back and forth in the room, and you get the chance to atack him from behind. It makes the fight much easier than dodging him left and right until he decides to stop.

Attacking his horns during one of his non-grab charge moves deals a large amount of permanent Ki damage. Doing it twice stops his charge attacks.

Blocking either charge attack does not take much Ki. If you have a move that attacks quickly out of block, like Sword of Discernment, this is a safe way to attack his horns.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Fire Boar: He will summon a Fire Boar that runs forward leaving a trail of fire Dodge either left or right and attack him until he recovers.
Burst Combo: He will perform a powerful combo with his axes while moving forward You can burst counter this attack.
Whirlwind Attack: He will move forward while spinning his axes around him. Run away from him in the opposite direction and wait for the attack to finish.
Rush Forward: He will rush to your location trying to stomp you. If he gets close enough, he will attack from below with his weapons Try to stay in the center of the room and dodge toward him (through him).
Weapon Rush: He will rush to your location using his axes and leaving a trail of fire behind Try to stay in the center of the room and dodge toward him (through him).




Notes & Trivia

 • This boss is extremely weak to poison, water and purity.

• Only try to block his charges if you are using heavy armor sets, if you are using light armor sets then dodge will be the way to go.

• Do not be greedy and impatience, the boss has extremely large health pool. But he is weak to poison, so your safest strategy will be just poison him to death or exhaust his ki while running around the arena.

• Using a fast attack weapon is ideal since the player’s main objective is to apply poison, saturated or purity effects and his exhausted time after his charges is short . If you are using a heavy weapon then now is the time to use a different weapon or at least consider using low stance.

• Only try to attack, buff or heal when he has used all of his charge attacks (three times). After that you will have at most three seconds to do everything you want with him. But do not be greedy, a lot of players have fallen because of that mistake.

• Tonfa is extremely effective against this boss. Especially if you can have purity (impure, buff) on it then you don’t even need to active skill, just quick attacks are enough to destroy all of his Ki. Another solid option will be hatchets with impure purity, at this point of the game, you will likely encounter them a lot of times, its fast attacks and ability to keep you at a safe distance with throwing hatchets strong attacks will be  extremely valuable in the hands of any players.

• All of his attacks hit like a truck but are extremely well telegraphed. Using sloth talismans and rejuvenation talismans are much more helpful than using Firestop talismans. The main reasons are the Firestop talismans maybe only ever be useful in the boss’s dark realm and even then you will likely still die because of his powerful charges or attacks in heavy armor or be staggered to death in light armor. Sloth talismans are useful in both phases of the boss fight as they can be used to slow all of the boss movements allow you some breathing spaces to attacks, reposition or heal the player health. The rejuvenation talismans will save you from being killed in his continuous charges and in dark phases can even save your life thanks to its healing overtimes will ease the fire damage of the boss. 


  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.




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    • Anonymous

      i prepped poison firebreak and used my corruption switchglaive at the start. with a power pill escape scroll and fast walk right outside the door. had sloth x3 lightning shot x12 watershotx12 and basically did a quick combo in highstnce and rolled away once poison was applied i enchanted weap with water and tried to get confusion on him. brute combo break works when hes charging. lighting shot x2 when he is far and charging to get the lightning debuff on him. It took me some time but the poison ticks helped tremendously

      • Anonymous

        I just got "Smithing Text: Radiant Flame" from him in Ruin Draws Near NG, don't see it listed but maybe I'm just not seeing the entry somewhere.

        • Anonymous

          Just beat him, took more than 50 tries minimum, i used the poison buff on the weapon and steel talismans which saved me from the one shot grab. This boss fight almost broke the game, and almost the entire genre, for me. I'm starting to notice how "artificial" the difficulty in these games is. Like, in order to make exploration harder they place a sniper (bow, rifle, etc) basically in every area in the game, from mission 1. So... you, as a game a designer, create a really advance fighting system, almost as advanced as an actual 3d fighting game (i mean team ninja is behind it) and then u create obstacles and distractions in E V E R Y step of the game so i can't use that system because im forced, like a ****ing coward, to hide behind **** and shoot them (this is true samurai behavior for sure), only THEN i can start the fun part, which is fighting yokai with every tool at my disposal. Oh and of course in 4 out of 5 bosses you wont be able to use the systen either, because u have to run like a chicken while chipping away bars of every color.

          Something is clearly broken here, this could be one of the best action fighting games ever, but nope, because it needs to be HARD, and PUNISHING and all that ****ing **** that souls like games are generating. Honestly, **** this trend.

          • Anonymous

            I don't mind the challenge even though it's totally unfair boss. My biggest issue is how much you need to do to reach it. 2nd boss in one of the largest missions. I want to upgrade my weapon but can't without having all my progress lost. Hard != Fun ;)

            • Ignoring this being the worst fight in the game next to the final fight (the latter of which just ramps up damage in each phase to obnoxious degrees), I found it interesting you can fight Katsuie's revenant in Nioh 1. After you get separated from the rest of the final (?) level by a collapsing spirit shard bridge, there's a shrine next to an elevator. If you summon and beat his revenant in front of that elevator, which specifically mentions how he was burned to death (which they didn't completely contradict with Nioh 2), you'll get a small line of dialogue like with all the special revenant summons. Since he doesn't have an individual character page, I figured it was worth mentioning. I'd like to keep an eye out for all of the Nioh 2 characters that make an appearance in 1 if I can. However small.

              • Anonymous

                Just beat him. Lightning rally helps, as it slow down enemy moves. Especially Guardian spirit talisman, if your guardian uses lightning element.

                • Anonymous

                  Idk if it'll help others but I personally struggled big time with dodging the grab with dash dodges, then switched to high stance with roll dodges and started avoiding it every time. Also started using Gozuki for when he charges and it breaks a tusk guaranteed every time. Made the fight a lot less of a hassle for me, maybe it might help others who have the same dramas.

                  • Anonymous

                    for sword users, if you use the spell that adds a ranged energy wave to your high attack, his left tusk is very easy to knock off with the fast high attack. The right one is trickier but I've had luck with heavy high attack. First time I found a use for that particular spell.

                    • Anonymous

                      For fists users: This guy gave me heaps of trouble until I switched up my strategy. Masterful slice on mid stance battering ram allowed me to essentially stunlock him into oblivion. About two loops of one heavy attack > battering ram to deplete his Ki and then switch up to whatever high damage options you have (Ryomen Sukuna soul core in my case) will eat through his massive health pool pretty fast. Combine that with something like poison and he shouldn't last too long.

                      Hitting him with a storm kunai as he charges you can also break one of his tusks, but it's not 100% consistent. It's worth it though, because it makes it even easier to stunlock him. Just make sure you do this at the start of his charge or you won't recover in time and eat damage. Try to have a full Ki bar and sip some sacred water before he enters the dark realm. Don't get too greedy with your battering ram loops, and you should be good.

                      • Anonymous

                        if you are using brute you can try to burst counter his charging attacks, it will do either phase you completely from the attack, the attack will hit you with the initial hit but he will keep going and ending it behind you, or the counter will hit and snap his tusk away.

                        • Anonymous

                          This boss is not easy but if you can defeat the giant snake boss then you guys will surely rape this boss. Keep a cool head and the boss will be defeated in no time.
                          I have edited and add some of my advices in the notes section of the boss. Hope these advices can help you defeat this boss and sorry for any grammatical errors you may encounter, English is not my main language. If you need any helps, just reply to this comment and I will do my best to help you.

                          • Anonymous

                            I beat him yesterday without even touching him with my Odachi. Poison/Water Ninjutsu/Onmyo is all you need. I'm level 89, Dexterity 25, Magic 25. I used lvl 3 Poison Shuriken, Blister Beetle-Powder, Water Shot, Geyser Shot and Water Shikigami. Equip accessories with Ninjutsu/Onmyo power bonus (Divination Board, Writing Set). Use low stance and watch your Ki while dodging (I dodged his attacks mostly, blocked only a few, didn't have to use neither Burst Counter or Yokai Skills/Shift). Hit him only after he finishes his combo and gives you a window to attack him. Attack him just once, don't get greedy, his attacks are pretty unpredictable. I used light armor so I could dodge his attacks easily. Honestly, this boss gave me less trouble than the previous one lol. Good luck guys!

                            • Anonymous

                              FYI I added some tips to his Dark Realm phases, you can trivialize them very easily and almost "skip" them altogether by depleting his ki. Read the boss guide if you struggle with that phase, you find the info there.

                              • Anonymous

                                Never commit to any combos and never attack him from the front. This is a long fight because the boss has a lot of HP and you need to wait for opportunities to attack. Quick weapons can get in 2-4 hits while heavier ones can do 1-2. When he brings the dark realm, just stand back so you have time to dodge his charges. Don't go up to his front unless it's to burst counter. If you bide your time and don't get greedy you can beat this guy.

                                • I finally beat him after at least a hundred tries! If you break his tusks first, it makes this fight much more manageable as he won’t perform his charging attacks while both tusks are broke. He can regrow the tusks sometimes while summoning the dark realm.

                                  In order to break his tusks I interrupt his charges. Best way to do this safely that I found is with kusarigama (“Black Vines” works extremely well). I start off the fight by waiting for him to charge. Once he charges, switch to mid/low stance and use Black Vines to interrupt his charge. You have to figure out the right distance. Too far and you’ll miss. Too close and he’ll hit you before you throw the kusarigama weight. Once his tusks are broke take every opportunity (especially when he whiffs his unblockable) to use Reaper on him. If you have the Tobikura Kusarigama, this helps a lot because it has Life Drain (High Attack). I also used the Gyuki yokai ability to poison him.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I found out that you can actually block his charge attack and then counterattack to break his tusks. Also, seems like if both of his tusks are broken, he doesn't do his Rush Forward or Weapon Rush attack.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      This is when I figured out you can summon actual players in instead of AI I did it on accident, and after around 5 minutes of grueling fighting both of us took down the boss.
                                      Both of us looked dumbfounded with the look waggle

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Hey! I've heard people struggle alot with this boss, here are my tips for an easy victory.

                                        1. Phantom Burst countee works like a charm for all of his attacks.
                                        2. If you have a larger weapon, blocking his melee attacks will help a lot, considering his tendency to pin you against the wall.
                                        3. Purification and Sloth work wonders in the darkrealm.
                                        4. Use Gyuki soul core, it will do godly ki damage and poison him.
                                        5. Mid-stance is your best friend here.
                                        6. Try to hit his tusks, it helps a lot.
                                        7. Spam Ubume soul core. Devastates his ki. You can either tank a hit and use it, or you can wait until he's done with a charge to obliterate his ki.

                                        I hope this helps with anybody struggling!

                                        • Anonymous

                                          This is The worst boss útil now ! Im giving up , i have died over 100 times. This boss is much overpiwer, i Always k.o b3cause his charge attack with one hit kill damas. I need help.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            if anybody need help still dont gotta use poison use a purity weapon it drains the ki bar fast and more damage

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