Anima 3
Attunement 8

Chomp is a Yokai Skill in Nioh 2. Chomp is unlocked by attuning a Gaki Soul Core to your Spirit Guardian, enabling you to perform this unique skill.


Chomp Effects

The player summons a Gaki, which leaps forward and latches onto an enemy upon contact. The Gaki will remain attached for a short duration, dealing negligible but continuous damage as well as harvesting Amrita for the player.


How to get Chomp


Chomp Notes & Tips

  • Despite the negligible amount of damage the Amrita acquired could make this ability useful in builds centered on the Life Recovery (Amrita Absorption) ability.
  • When paired with Shirohami, this ability could be used to poison weaker enemies.
  • The Amrita obtained seems to charge 7% of the amrita gauge (further testing required).



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    • Anonymous

      This is very underrated. I kept one on me at most times early game and when i can, use it to stay in shift mode for longer, even if it's just a couple of seconds

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