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Affects how muck Ki is lost when blocking an enemy attack.

Block (Special Effect)

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Increases the block stat by the listed amount.

Block is a Stat in Nioh 2, as well as the name of a Special Effect which increases it.. This page contains information regarding the block stat.



  • Affects how much Ki is lost when blocking an enemy attack.
  • Block is primarily determined by the weapon type you are using (IE. dual wield weapons like Dual Swords and Tonfas have high block stats, and the Axe has the lowest). It can also be incresed by the special effect named Block, which can be tempered on to Melee Weapons and found on certain Soul Cores.
  • There is a hard cap of the effects of the block stat on Ki loss at 80. At that point adding more block will not reduce the amount of Ki lost by blocking. Because of this, a high block stat can compensate for a lower Toughness stat, but not replace it on it's own.




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