Shooting Star

Skill Point Cost
Skill Type
Mystic Arts

Shooting Star is one of the Kusarigama Skills in Nioh2. It is a Mystic Art that increases the damage and Ki damage of attacks with the metal weight while also reducing their Ki consumption.


Shooting Star Description

  • Increases metal weight damage by 15.0% (Additive with other Passive Melee Damage effects like melee damage or similar)
  • Increases metal weight Ki damage by 15.0% (Additive with other Melee Ki Damage or similar bonuses)
    • The bonuses to Melee (Ki) Damage are applied on a per-hitbox basis - for an attack like Crimson Flurry that uses both parts of the weapon, this only boosts the damage of the portions of the attacks that use the metal weight.
  • Decreases Ki consumption of metal weight attacks by 15.0%
    • The reduction in Ki consumption for attacks that use both parts of the weapon is determined arbitrarily on a per attack basis - for example, Renegade Dragon ,which uses both parts of the weapon and drains Ki twice, one of the ki usage events is considered a metal weight attack and the other is considered an attack with the sickle for the purposes of Ki reduction. To get the full benefits of this consider using Mystic Dyad (Kusarigama)


Shooting Star Notes

  • Tips, Builds and Notes go here






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