Wildfire Flux

Skill Point Cost
Skill Type
Mystic Art
Cornered Tiger: I

Wildfire Flux is one of the Switchglaive Skills in Nioh2. It is a Mystic Art that increases your attack power by one level whenever you use Switch Stance: Retribution, Edge or Blade. When your attack power has been boosted five times, you can unleash a devastating strike upon the enemy.


Wildfire Flux Description

Every time you hit with a switch stance move, you gain a melee damage multiplier enhancement that stacks five times.
The first level is a 10.0% multiplier, then you gain 5.0% more damage every level capping at five levels and 30.0% more damage.

At five stacks you can hold the quick attack button to spend all your stacks and unleash a high damage attack that will tumble human enemies and deal large amounts of Ki damage on a Guarding opponent.


Wildfire Flux Notes

  • Wildfire Flux is a Temporary Melee Buff. Thus, its bonus is additive with other Temporary Melee Buffs.






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