Devour Yokai Realm II

Devour Yokai Realm III
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Devour Yokai Realm II is one of the Shiftling Skills in Nioh2. Devour Yokai Realm II is a passive skill that increases your Anima by 1.2 when you purify the Yokai Realm with a perfectly timed Ki Pulse, recovering the maximum amount of ki possible..


Devour Yokai Realm II Description

Increases your Anima by 1.2 when you purify the Yokai Realm with a perfectly timed Ki Pulse, recovering the maximum amount of ki possible.


Builds that use Devour Yokai Realm II

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Devour Yokai Realm II Notes

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    • Anonymous

      If you run Izanagi grace and have a tatarimokke soul core this almost negates its anima cost so it's great for having almost infinite cleansing prayer. It also stacks with +X anima after cleansing, potentially giving you the chance to max out your anima gauge if you have it at least at 5.

      • Anonymous

        Mmmh, i used this several times after a fight and never ever my anima is going up, even if i purify the yokai realm. What am i mssing? Is with maximum amount really meant, that is only works if you get your max KI with the Impulse? Really weard.

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