Type Tea Sets
splendor-iconSplendor 156
simplicity-iconSimplicity 100
eccentricity-iconEccentricity 0

Kamuro is a the Tea Sets in Nioh 2. Kamuro provides 156 Splendor, 100 Simplicty and 0 Eccentricity. Tea Sets come in different rarity ratings and various decorations that player can use to remodel their hut with.



Kamuro Information

Kamuro is a famous Kuroraku tea bowl created by Cho jiro, the founder of the raku-yaki pottery technique. It is said to have been used by Sen no Rikyu. The origins of its name (which literally means "bald") are unclear, but two prevailing theories exist. The first is that the tea bowl's owner is to cherish the bowl until they lose their hair due to old age. The second is that it refers to the name of a hairstyle used by children, and the owner of the tea bowl is to love the bowl like his or her own child.





Kamuro Location/Where to Find

  • Dropped by ??
  • Found at ??
  • Sold by ??



Tea Sets
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