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Cyclone is one of the Switchglaive Skills in Nioh2


Cyclone Information

  • Follow up a Quick Attack with a series of slashes while spinning. (High/Mid stance only)
  • This attack changes properties depending on which stance the attack is used from:
    • Mid: Less damage and increased range. Much better for chasing down enemies, especially in combination with its large innate forward movement.
    • High: More damage and decreased range. As far as average DPS this is one of your best options for the Switchglaive.
  • Even if this skill isn't set as an active skill in one stance(A), you can use it by setting this skill to the other stance(B) and then switching the other stance(From A to B) before you input the strong attack button, however this requires you to also not have the relevant switch stance skill set as the input required for this causes the switch stance: edge/retribution to be performed instead. This allows you to use either Mind's Edge or Mortal Retribution in addition to Cyclone for either Mid or High stance respectively. When used in this way, it inherits the Custom Active Skills set to Cyclone and not the skill actually set to the stance.
  • This attack does a large amount of Ki damage as well as high break on blocking enemies.




Cyclone Notes

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