Firm Resolve

Skill Point Cost
Skill Type
Mystic Art

Firm Resolve is one of the Dual Swords Skills in Nioh2. It is a Mystic Art that when landing an attack reduces the amount of damage you take for a time.


Firm Resolve Description

Landing an attack reduces the amount of damage you take for a time. This effect can be boosted if you land another attack before it runs out.


Firm Resolve Notes

  • The first hit reduces damage by 5.0%. Each subsequent hit then reduces damage by 2.0% per hit. At a certain threshold the damage reduction growth is reduced to 1.0% every hit.
  • Stacks multiplicatively with other Increased Defense status effects.


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      again, completely worthless. how do i ****ing unlock this skill, you fail to mention how to unlock. Please do yourself and everyone else a favor and put the basic information like HOW TO UNLOCK THE DAME THING.

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