Smithing Text: Bankotsu

Type Smithing Text
Allows Crafting Bankotsu

Smithing Text: Bankotsu is a Smithing Text in Nioh 2. Smithing Text: Bankotsu allows you to craft Bankotsu . Smithing Texts are rare and very valuable key items that allow the crafting of additional items at the blacksmith forge.

Talk to the Blacksmith after obtaining a text and you will permanently unlock the ability to craft the equipment detailed in the text. This unlock is only valid for that specific character.


Smithing Text: Bankotsu Information

An ancient text on forging Wepons. It describes the technique for making the "Bankotsu "


Smithing Text: Bankotsu Unlocks


Where to find Smithing Text: Bankotsu

  • Dropped by ??
  • Found at ??
  • Sold by ??


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Kusarigama  ♦  Smithing Text: Ningen Mukotsu  ♦  Smithing Text: Obsidian Armour  ♦  Smithing Text: Odenta Mitsuyo  ♦  Smithing Text: Ogo & Nagamei Masamune  ♦  Smithing Text: Old Sage Mask  ♦  Smithing Text: One-Eyed Dragon's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Oni Shibata's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Onimaru Kunitsuna  ♦  Smithing Text: Onmyo Warrior's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Onryoki Helmet  ♦  Smithing Text: Otegine  ♦  Smithing Text: Otegine Spear  ♦  Smithing Text: Phoenix Wing  ♦  Smithing Text: Pit Viper's Garments  ♦  Smithing Text: Pit Viper's Robes  ♦  Smithing Text: Possessed Kodama Bowl  ♦  Smithing Text: Radiant Flame  ♦  Smithing Text: Raging Bull Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Raijin's Claw  ♦  Smithing Text: Raikiri  ♦  Smithing Text: Ravenwing Rifle  ♦  Smithing Text: Realmtaker Spear  ♦  Smithing Text: Red Demon Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Red Demon Spear  ♦  Smithing Text: Red Kappa Kabuto  ♦  Smithing Text: Regal Lion & Bone Eater  ♦  Smithing Text: Rotten Rope Cutter  ♦  Smithing Text: 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Starcutter Sword  ♦  Smithing Text: Suijinkri Kanemitsu (Water God Slayer)  ♦  Smithing Text: Summoner's Candle  ♦  Smithing Text: Sun and Moon Hatchets  ♦  Smithing Text: Suwa Myojin Helmet  ♦  Smithing Text: Suwa Myojin Sickle  ♦  Smithing Text: Suzuka's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Swallowtail Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Swan Spear  ♦  Smithing Text: Swift Hawk  ♦  Smithing Text: Taro Tachi  ♦  Smithing Text: Tarobo Kanemitsu & Rapier  ♦  Smithing Text: Tatenashi Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Tempest Splitstaff  ♦  Smithing Text: Tengu Visor  ♦  Smithing Text: The Drying Pole  ♦  Smithing Text: The Exceptional One's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: The Exeptional One's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Tiger of Higo's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Tiger of Higo's Spear  ♦  Smithing Text: Tobikura Kusarigama  ♦  Smithing Text: Tokagemaru  ♦  Smithing Text: Tombokiri  ♦  Smithing Text: Torch Spear  ♦  Smithing Text: Tosa Governor's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Transient Blade  ♦  Smithing Text: Tsuchigumo Clawed Fists  ♦  Smithing Text: Tsunonotsuki Bow  ♦  Smithing Text: Tsuruga Masamune & Hocho Toshiro  ♦  Smithing Text: Twin Dragon Tonfa  ♦  Smithing Text: Udoto  ♦  Smithing Text: Urn Splitter Hatchets  ♦  Smithing Text: Usumidori  ♦  Smithing Text: Vajra Tonfa  ♦  Smithing Text: Vengeful Spirit Mask  ♦  Smithing Text: Vermilion Spear  ♦  Smithing Text: Vice-Minister's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Wandering Shrine Maiden's Clothes  ♦  Smithing Text: Warrior of the East's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Warrior of the West Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Warrior of the West Bow  ♦  Smithing Text: Watatsumi's Watch  ♦  Smithing Text: Wave Swimmer  ♦  Smithing Text: Weathered Bone & Bleached Twig  ♦  Smithing Text: Weathered Bone and Bleached Twig  ♦  Smithing Text: White Bone Spirit Tonfa  ♦  Smithing Text: White Fox Mask  ♦  Smithing Text: Wild Boar Crest Helmet  ♦  Smithing Text: Will-o'-Wisp Blade  ♦  Smithing Text: Woman's Face Mask  ♦  Smithing Text: Wooden Axe  ♦  Smithing Text: Wooden Dual Swords  ♦  Smithing Text: Wooden Hatchets  ♦  Smithing Text: Wooden Kusarigama  ♦  Smithing Text: Wooden Odachi  ♦  Smithing Text: Wooden Spear  ♦  Smithing Text: Wooden Switchglaive  ♦  Smithing Text: Wooden Sword  ♦  Smithing Text: Wooden Tonfa  ♦  Smithing Text: Yamanba's Knives  ♦  Smithing Text: Yamauba  ♦  Smithing Text: Yamauba Spear  ♦  Smithing Text: Yatagarasu Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Yin-Yang Tonfa  ♦  Smithing Text: Yokai Incense  ♦  Smithing Text: Yokai Water Pot  ♦  Smithing Text: Yoshiie's Birthright  ♦  Smithing Text: Yoshiie's Birthright Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Youngblood's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Youngblood Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Zenki and Goki  ♦  Smithing Text:Tokagemaru  ♦  Text: Flying Kato's Attire

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