Smithing Text: Weathered Bone and Bleached Twig

Type Smithing Text
Allows Crafting Weathered Bone and Bleached Twig

Smithing Text: Weathered Bone and Bleached Twig is a Smithing Text in Nioh 2. Smithing Text: Weathered Bone and Bleached Twig allows you to craft Weathered Bone and Bleached Twig. Smithing Texts are rare and very valuable key items that allow the crafting of additional items at the blacksmith forge.

Talk to the Blacksmith after obtaining a text and you will permanently unlock the ability to craft the equipment detailed in the text. This unlock is only valid for that specific character.


Smithing Text: Weathered Bone and Bleached Twig Information

An ancient text on forging Weapons/Armor. It describes the technique for making the "Weathered Bone and Bleached Twig"


Smithing Text: Weathered Bone and Bleached Twig Unlocks


Where to find Smithing Text: Weathered Bone and Bleached Twig

Smithing Texts
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Kusarigama  ♦  Smithing Text: Ningen Mukotsu  ♦  Smithing Text: Obsidian Armour  ♦  Smithing Text: Odenta Mitsuyo  ♦  Smithing Text: Ogo & Nagamei Masamune  ♦  Smithing Text: Old Sage Mask  ♦  Smithing Text: One-Eyed Dragon's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Oni Shibata's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Onimaru Kunitsuna  ♦  Smithing Text: Onmyo Warrior's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Onryoki Helmet  ♦  Smithing Text: Otegine  ♦  Smithing Text: Otegine Spear  ♦  Smithing Text: Phoenix Wing  ♦  Smithing Text: Pit Viper's Garments  ♦  Smithing Text: Pit Viper's Robes  ♦  Smithing Text: Possessed Kodama Bowl  ♦  Smithing Text: Radiant Flame  ♦  Smithing Text: Raging Bull Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Raijin's Claw  ♦  Smithing Text: Raikiri  ♦  Smithing Text: Ravenwing Rifle  ♦  Smithing Text: Realmtaker Spear  ♦  Smithing Text: Red Demon Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Red Demon Spear  ♦  Smithing Text: Red Kappa Kabuto  ♦  Smithing Text: Regal Lion & Bone Eater  ♦  Smithing Text: Rotten Rope Cutter  ♦  Smithing Text: Royal Horned Helm  ♦  Smithing Text: Ryomen Sukuna's Axe  ♦  Smithing Text: Ryomen Sukuna's Bow  ♦  Smithing Text: Ryomen Sukuna's Sword  ♦  Smithing Text: Sacred Ash  ♦  Smithing Text: Sacred Brush  ♦  Smithing Text: Sakon's Spear  ♦  Smithing Text: Sanada's Crimson Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Sarutobi's Gunsticks  ♦  Smithing Text: Sasayuki  ♦  Smithing Text: Seething Dragon  ♦  Smithing Text: Sekishu Kazusada  ♦  Smithing Text: Servant of the Gods  ♦  Smithing Text: Seventh Sword Tonfa  ♦  Smithing Text: Shinobi Box  ♦  Smithing Text: Shishido Kusarigama  ♦  Smithing Text: Shoudakiri Mitsutada & Shinogito Shiro  ♦  Smithing Text: Shrine Maiden  ♦  Smithing Text: Shrine Maiden's Clothes  ♦  Smithing Text: Shuten Doji's Club  ♦  Smithing Text: Slayer's Axe  ♦  Smithing Text: Smirkwiper  ♦  Smithing Text: Snowmelt Kusarigama  ♦  Smithing Text: Sohaya Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Sohaya Garb  ♦  Smithing Text: Sohaya Tsurugi  ♦  Smithing Text: Sozasamonji Matsukurago  ♦  Smithing Text: Starcutter Sword  ♦  Smithing Text: Suijinkri Kanemitsu (Water God Slayer)  ♦  Smithing Text: Summoner's Candle  ♦  Smithing Text: Sun and Moon Hatchets  ♦  Smithing Text: Suwa Myojin Helmet  ♦  Smithing Text: Suwa Myojin Sickle  ♦  Smithing Text: Suzuka's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Swallowtail Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Swan Spear  ♦  Smithing Text: Swift Hawk  ♦  Smithing Text: Taro Tachi  ♦  Smithing Text: Tarobo Kanemitsu & Rapier  ♦  Smithing Text: Tatenashi Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Tempest Splitstaff  ♦  Smithing Text: Tengu Visor  ♦  Smithing Text: The Drying Pole  ♦  Smithing Text: The Exceptional One's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: The Exeptional One's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Tiger of Higo's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Tiger of Higo's Spear  ♦  Smithing Text: Tobikura Kusarigama  ♦  Smithing Text: Tokagemaru  ♦  Smithing Text: Tombokiri  ♦  Smithing Text: Torch Spear  ♦  Smithing Text: Tosa Governor's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Transient Blade  ♦  Smithing Text: Tsuchigumo Clawed Fists  ♦  Smithing Text: Tsunonotsuki Bow  ♦  Smithing Text: Tsuruga Masamune & Hocho Toshiro  ♦  Smithing Text: Twin Dragon Tonfa  ♦  Smithing Text: Udoto  ♦  Smithing Text: Urn Splitter Hatchets  ♦  Smithing Text: Usumidori  ♦  Smithing Text: Vajra Tonfa  ♦  Smithing Text: Vengeful Spirit Mask  ♦  Smithing Text: Vermilion Spear  ♦  Smithing Text: Vice-Minister's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Wandering Shrine Maiden's Clothes  ♦  Smithing Text: Warrior of the East's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Warrior of the West Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Warrior of the West Bow  ♦  Smithing Text: Watatsumi's Watch  ♦  Smithing Text: Wave Swimmer  ♦  Smithing Text: Weathered Bone & Bleached Twig  ♦  Smithing Text: White Bone Spirit Tonfa  ♦  Smithing Text: White Fox Mask  ♦  Smithing Text: Wild Boar Crest Helmet  ♦  Smithing Text: Will-o'-Wisp Blade  ♦  Smithing Text: Woman's Face Mask  ♦  Smithing Text: Wooden Axe  ♦  Smithing Text: Wooden Dual Swords  ♦  Smithing Text: Wooden Hatchets  ♦  Smithing Text: Wooden Kusarigama  ♦  Smithing Text: Wooden Odachi  ♦  Smithing Text: Wooden Spear  ♦  Smithing Text: Wooden Switchglaive  ♦  Smithing Text: Wooden Sword  ♦  Smithing Text: Wooden Tonfa  ♦  Smithing Text: Yamanba's Knives  ♦  Smithing Text: Yamauba  ♦  Smithing Text: Yamauba Spear  ♦  Smithing Text: Yatagarasu Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Yin-Yang Tonfa  ♦  Smithing Text: Yokai Incense  ♦  Smithing Text: Yokai Water Pot  ♦  Smithing Text: Yoshiie's Birthright  ♦  Smithing Text: Yoshiie's Birthright Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Youngblood's Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Youngblood Armor  ♦  Smithing Text: Zenki and Goki  ♦  Smithing Text:Tokagemaru  ♦  Text: Flying Kato's Attire

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