Demon Dance: Earth

Demon Dance: Earth
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Demon Dance is a series of Tonfa Skills in Nioh2. Demon Dance is an active skill available in each stance that automatically re-positions you while evading attacks after a successful Ki Pulse. (Low Stance Only).


Demon Dance Description

Automatically re-positions you while evading attacks after a successful Ki Pulse.
Command: During Ki Pulse

 This is a true dodge with invincibility. This takes some ki to perform, and prevents you from doing a Flash Attack until after it's over. You can choose not to do this attack by changing stances at the same time as you Ki pulse.

The tonfa mystic art Kannagi allows you to use this during any active skill (other than the Boss Skills in the Samurai Tree), immediately allowing you to dodge no matter what attack you are doing. This also allows you to immediately use this skill as a dodge alternative, which has some benefits - you don't move away as far, it costs less Ki than even the low stance dodge, is considered a melee attack and thus scales with Melee Ki Consumption or similar effects, and allows you to immediately use Pulverize or Demon Fang.

Extended Dodge Invulnerability and Ultimate Skill will also increase the invincibility this skill gives you.

Builds that use Demon Dance




Demon Dance Notes

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