The Underworld

 the underworld
Normal Floor Count 108
Depth Floor Count 30
Requires The First Samurai DLC
Dream of the Nioh Unlocked

The Underworld is endgame content added with The First Samurai DLC. It is unlocked when you unlock Dream of the Nioh, the final New Game Plus Cycle, and it is divided into two sections: The 108 normal Underworld Floors that are static, and the 30 randomly generated floors of the Depths, in which the first five floors change daily and the remaining 25 are randomly generated every time you enter. This is also where you gain the ability to increase the + level cap of your items, increase the chances of gaining Ethereal and level 200 items, and the possibility of gaining the exclusive Ethereal Graces and Scrolls of the Damned.


The Underworld Structure

The Underworld is made up of three sections:

  • Terra Firma: The starting area, which allows you to talk to Ono no Takamura in order to spend Underworld Lapis Lazuli/ Gems of the Departed to gain several benefits both inside and outside the Underworld.
  • The Netherscape: The main area, where you fight enemies in areas from the rest of the game tailored for this mode, in order to find up to four Jizo Kodama and confer special benefits to you and to unlock the final section.
  • The Crucible: Here you fight a boss. Defeating this boss allows you to go to the next floor.

There are shrines in every section, and you can play the underworld in Multiplayer in either Expeditions or by summoning a Visitor/ Random encounters which lasts only for that floor. You can only be a visitor to floors you have already completed.

There are 108 floors for the Underworld. Once you Complete them, you gain access to the Underworld Depths and the Agyo Nioh Mask Smithing Text. While the original 108 floors are predetermined, the first five floors of the depths of the underworld shift daily, and the rest are randomly generated upon entry.

You can select the Underworld by entering the uppermost icon in the left side of the map screen, right above scroll missions. This only becomes available once you unlock Dream of the Nioh.

Up until floor 50, enemies will behave as if they were in Dream of the Samurai, doing their early game attacks and burst counter properties. After floor 50, every enemy changes to their behaviors in Dream of the Wise.

Terra Firma

terra firma

This is the starting area whenever you enter the Underworld. There are four points of interest:

  • A Shrine.
  • Ono no Takamura: Talking to him brings up a menu of options to spend your Underworld Lapis Lazuli on.
    • Loot +Value Modifier - This modifier raises the max +value you can get on dropped items. This is always active in the Underworld, and will also work everywhere Level Sync is active.
    • Effect of Jizo Blessing: Uncommon Stength/Defence/Mercy - Strengthens the effects of the specified Jizo Blessing.
    • Spectral Salve Limit - Increases the amount of Spectral Salves you can carry.
    • Spectral Salve Potency - Increases the amount of health recovered when using Spectral Salves.
    • Ethereal Drop Rate - Increases the Drop Rate of Ethereal Equipment. This is active even outside of the Underworld.
    • Higher Item Level Drop Rate - Increases the drop rate of Level 200 equipment. This is active even outside of the Underworld.
    • The base cost of these options is twenty, and the costs increase as you buy them.
  • A thought amrita that lets you leave the underworld.
  • A boat operated by a dweller. Stepping onto the boat sends you to The Netherscape. Once you do, you can not return to Terra Firma unless you leave the Underworld.

The Netherscape

 This takes place in one of the mission areas from the game. Each area in the underworld has the same map and loot layout,, and roughly the same enemy layout, with a few changes that are randomized or based on the specific floor you are on. In the first 108 floors, the map chosen always the same on a specific floor, from a pool of 32 available maps, however in the Depths, there is an expanded selection of maps available.

Your goal here is to find up to four of the Jizo Kodama, Each one gives you a special effect that applies during the Crucible, called a Jizo Blessing. You can upgrade the power of three of them by spending Lapis Lazuli in Terra Firma. The color of the Headwear the Kodama are wearing shows you what blessing they will give you.

jizo kodama (uncommon aid) jizo kodama (uncommon strength) jizo kodama (uncommon defense) jizo kodama (uncommon mercy)
White = Uncommon Aid.
An NPC will be available to assist you in the Crucible.
Red = Uncommon Strength
Your Damage will be increased in the Crucible.
Dark Blue = Uncommon Defense
You take less damage while in the Crucible.
Gold = Uncommon Mercy
While in the Crucible, Your luck will increase, you gain passive life recovery over time, and status ailments will wear off quicker.

The spawn points for the four Kodama are the same on each floor, but which Kodama is where changes on each floor.

Once you interact with one of the Kodama, they will be replaced with an interactable that allows you to go to the Crucible. Another one also appears near the Shrine where you entered the area. Once you go to the Crucible, you can not return to the Netherscape, so make sure you have done everything you needed to do before hand. Any acolytes from benevolent graves will come with you to the crucible.

A special note: The Underworld uses Spectral Salves and not elixirs. These function identically to Elixirs, and are affected by the same effects, such as Untouched Elixir, Healer and Elixir Efficacy. However, they are considered a separate item, so your Elixir stock will not carry over to the Underworld. Moreover, you only have three by default, they do not appear in the Kodama Bazaar for sale, and the only ways to get more is to either kill enemies or to find the Jizo Kodama, which will raise your default elixir count by one for each one found, for a maximum of seven. However, the extra Elixirs from the Jizo only apply to that floor, and your stock is lost every time you exit the Underworld. Because of this, you should strongly consider clearing the netherscape just for the extra Elixirs, at least for the first floor anyway.

underworld curse
This enemy has the
Underworld specific Curse.

In addition to this, one of a selection of enemies per map will spawn with a unique curse in the netherscape, shown by their purple glow. This enemy will have stronger versions of the Curse of the Nioh effects, significantly increased health, and is only affect by Confusion's prevention of Ki recovery for Yokai as long as you keep hitting them. These enemies will not respawn after they die.

The Crucible is where you will most likely get the majority of your Underworld Lapis Lazuli. They most commonly drop from Cursed Enemies, Dark Realm Bosses, enemies that spawn from smoke clouds and Crucible Bosses.


The Crucible

This is where the boss blocking your entry to the next floor waits. Defeating the boss leaves two interactables - one takes you to the next floor and netherscape, and the other is the exit back to the main map. The crucible takes place typically in the specially designed open area at the top of this page, however it occasionally takes place in the Nightmare Bringer boss fight area. There are also some changes made to the arena to accomodate three of the boss's unique attacks:

tsuchigumo crucible  yoshitsune crucible  kamaitachi crucible
Webbed walls and ceiling for Tsuchigumo Lampposts for Yoshitsune no Minamoto Trees for Kamaitachi

These changes telegraph which boss you are about to fight.

Remember that you cannot return from to the previous Netherscape from the Crucible. If you run out of Spectral Salves or need to leave the underworld, you have to use a Sacred Branch / Sacred Branch Fragment.

Remember to check the Kodama Bazaar if you play online - it won't have spectral salves but you will be able to by extra jutsu items used by other players that completed that floor, even allowing you to carry more than you otherwise would have. These also persist until use, and won't go away when you enter the next floor. This is particularly useful for getting an extra Quick-change Scroll to use.

treasure room

Treasure Room

Once you go to the next floor from the Crucible, you have a random chance to be sent to the Treasure Room first.
Not only does this room have six treasure chests with high drop rates for Divine and Ethereal items, every single breakable item also has a high chance of dropping equipment, giving you a large amount of free loot.

This room is considered to be the same floor as the one you were about to enter for the purposes of Ethereal Grace pools - see the Ethereal Graces in the Underworld Section on this page or the last section of Ethereal Graces for more info.


Underworld Floor List

See this link for the list of Netherscape maps and Crucible Bosses for the first 108 floors of the underworld.


Depths of the Underworld

After completing the 108 floors of the underworld, you gain access to the 30 Underworld Depths floors. They can first be accessed by selecting the underworld and choosing the floor ??? option. These function similarly to the normal underworld floors, however there are several major differences:

  • You can not summon visitors.
  • You do not have to find a Jizo Kodama to enter the Crucible.
  • The first five floors will change daily, and the remaining 25 are randomly generated every time you enter.
  • You are forced to stop after five floors, and you can only enter in the beginning of the next set of five ( Depths 1, Depths 6, Depths 11, etc).
  • After floor ten, you have to fight two bosses in the Crucible one after the other in order to proceed. After floor 20, you have to fight three.
  • It pulls from a larger set of maps than the original 108 floors.
  • Enemies deal much more damage and have much more health.
  • Bosses in the Crucible may occasionally drop a Scroll of the Damned. This scroll has a chance to gain one of 6 unique special effects. See Scrolls for more details

Ethereal Graces in the Underworld

In the Underworld, each floor only drops a specific pool of ethereal graces. This also applies to the first five floors for the Depths of the Abyss; after that, any grace can drop, including the two exclusive graces to the the depths 6+, Grace of Oyamatsumi and Grace of Shinatsuhiko. To know which pool you are in, divide the floor number by three, and look at the remainder.

Remainder = 0
Floor is a Multiple of 3

Remainder = .333 Repeating
The Sum of the floor number = 1, 4 or 7 (IE. Floor 10, 22, 43 etc)

Remainder = .666 Repeating
The Sum of the floor number = 2, 5 or 8 (Ie. Floor 107, Floor 11, floor 41 etc)

Sarutahiko's Grace
Okuninushi's Grace
Grace of Tsukuyomi
Grace of Takemikazuchi
Grace of Susano
Grace of Futsunushi
Izanagi's Grace
Ame-no-Uzume's Grace
Acala's Grace
Omoikane's Grace
Takeminakata's Grace
Grace of Kagutsuchi
Ninigi's Grace
Marici's Grace
Izanami's Grace
Magatsuhi's Grace
Grace of Amaterasu
Grace of Owatatsumi


Notes & Tips

  • An alternative source of healing can save Spectral Salves. Alternatively, considering investing in Untouched Elixir or using Herbal Remedy
  • Level Sync will take into account your progress in the Underworld, and will drop gear on par with the Underworld floors.




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