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Type Special Accessory
Dream of the Strong Demon Parade Picture Scroll
Dream of the Demon Scroll of the Demon
Dream of the Wise Scroll of the Wise
Dream of the Nioh Scroll of the Nioh
Underworld Depths Scroll of the Damned

Scrolls are a special Accessory in Nioh 2. Scrolls can be found after completing the first game cycle, and will unlock special Scroll Missions that users can undertake and complete to be able to equip the Scroll.


A celebrated Scroll depicting a procession of yokai and demons. Its full name is the Hyakki Yako, Night Parade of One Hundred Demons. It was originally painted by an artist who despaired of the unrest of his era and prayed only that peace would return to the world. Sadly, this was not to be, and his frustrated desire curdled and became something far more sinister, explaining the sense of foreboding that this Scroll inspires.

Take on Demon Parade Picture Scroll missions via the map of the region. Clearing the mission contained within a Scroll will allow you to equip it.

How to Get Scrolls

Scrolls are unlocked when entering the "Dream of the Strong" difficulty, in New Game Plus. From here on, players can obtain Scrolls as random drops from enemies, as special drops from Revenants, or as a Mission Reward form playing online.

  • You get the Scroll the host of an expedition or random encounter session is currently using (not the Scroll that belongs to the Scroll Mission the party is doing if you are in an Scroll Expedition). If you already have a copy of that Scroll, you get Hundred Night Incense instead.
  • Revenants graves with a white aura on them will drop the Scroll of the player who died there. Only one Revenant per grave load cycle has one, and it switches the next time you start a new grave load by entering a shrine after 30 minutes have passed.

scroll bearing revenant

There are several types of Scrolls, their level ranges, + ranges, quality as well as some of the potential enemy patterns are determined by the difficulty.

  • Demon Parade Picture Scroll (Dream of the Strong)
    • Spawns with one fixed and two optional effects.
  • Scroll of the Demon (Dream of the Demon Difficulty)
    • Spawns with one fixed and two optional effects.
    • Can drop as Divine rarity, with increased Attack and Defense.
  • Scroll of the Wise (Dream of the Wise Difficulty)
    • Spawns with one fixed and three optional effects.
    • Guaranteed to be Divine Rarity, May drop as Ethereal with increased Attack and Defense.
    • Scrolls form this point on gain access to exclusive special effects, such as Ultimate [CORE STAT] and Divine+ Item Drop Rate.
  • Scroll of the Nioh (Dream of the Nioh Difficulty)
    • Spawns with two fixed and three optional effects.
    • Guaranteed to be Ethereal.
    • Can spawn with special rules to make targeted farming easier, such as Soul Core Drop Rate Up or Divine+ Item Drop Rate
  • Scroll of the Damned (Dropped from bosses in the depths of the Underworld)
    • Spawns with two fixed and four optional effects.
      • Six exclusive "Path of ..." special effects are unique to Scrolls of the Damned. These give you a unique passive effect while also having a drawback. They are all in their own reroll pool and take the sixth slot (the fourth optional slot) on the scroll.
    • Boss will occasionally have the Underworld specific Curse effect, denoted by a Purple name on the Scroll. These can also have the patterns of Pre-Dream of the Demon versions of the boss (For example, the Purple Tatarimokke Scroll, which also has the Cursed Orbs that spawn in the dark realm like the version of this fight in A Way Out)
    • Can spawn with unique special rules, such as Lucky Drop for a specific grace or for equipment with inheritable/transferable effects.


How to Equip Scrolls

To equip a Scroll, the player must first complete the mission of the Scroll at least once. When Scrolls are first found, the first special effect will be revealed, but any other effects of that item will be hidden until the mission is completed. The Scroll mission can be undertaken several times, up to a maximum indicated by the Scroll itself under the "Attempts Allowed" category; this count goes down when you complete the mission or if you leave with a Divine Branch/Divine Branch Fragment. Scrolls also come with a recommended level.

  • When players re-complete the Scroll's mission, they may replace one of the optional special effects with another "random" one.
    • "Random" meaning the special effects, and where they appear, are seeded, meaning that if you make a cloud save and load it you will get the same results every time.
    • The game pulls twenty eligible effects (ie, no melee damage pool effects if your Scroll has fixed Active Skill Damage, etc.) from all the possible effects available to a Scroll, and then picks one at "random" for each slot. If you choose not to change any of the effects, then the game will continue to pull from the same pool of twenty effects. If you do replace one of the effects, then the next time you complete the Scroll the game will create a new pool of twenty effects.
  • Players can increase the attempts allowed on a Scroll by using a Hundred Night Incense item.

Once the mission is completed, the Scroll can be equipped to the dedicated Scroll item under accessories.

Note on completing Scrolls as an expedition: You will only get credit for the Scroll completion if you own the Scroll and are leading the mission.

Scroll Missions

Once you obtain a Scroll, a new icon appears above the Twilight Missions in the Map. Selecting that icon brings you to the Scroll missions menu, where you can choose from the available Scrolls to challenge that mission. To complete it, you need to kill every enemy that appears until the bar representing how many enemies are there is depleted.

The specific formation of enemies, as well as the spawn order, can be identified by the Enemies Appearing section on the Scroll, as well as the map shown. The enemies appearing shows some, but not necessarily all of the enemies that appear in the Scroll. For example, Scrolls that have two Bosses in that section will simply have one boss followed by the other, however, the Scrolls with Tesso/Oni-bi  in Enemies Appearing will also have Spiders, despite not being listed. Whats more, every scroll with that combination behaves the same way, so once you experienced that formation you can prepare a strategy if you see it again.

As a special note, Gyuki, Lady Osakabe, Daidara Bocchi and Uminyudo all have a Scroll that is a one-on-one fight against them, as they all have special mechanics and only appear in some of the longer missions.

These missions can also be done online through Expeditions only.

Scroll Transference

After completing a Scroll, you can use another completed Scroll to reset one of them to an uncleared state, giving you another chance at playing that Scroll. The special effects are locked again, and upon completing it again it will be restored to what it was before the Transference. Outside of farming the Scroll's enemies again if you don't care for the effects, the main purpose of this is, in combination with the Rarity Inheritance (Scroll Transference) effect, to rarity bump a lower level Scroll. This will increase the Attack and Defense of the Scroll and allow the New Game + locked effects to appear on it. However, if done on a lower level Scroll, the enemies will still be of that level, and so will the gear that drops. Also, keep in mind that only Scrolls of the Nioh can have two Fixed Effects, even through Rarity Inheritance.

Scrolls Special Effects

Equipping a Scroll, in addition to giving extra Attack and Defense, provides the wearer with unique special effects; this icon fixed property nioh 2 wiki guide identifies the Scroll's fixed special effects. Multiple effects from the same pool can not exist on the same Scroll.  The possible effects are:


Effect Pool Effect Name Max Known Effect Value (These can roll at a lower amount)
 Melee Damage      Melee Damage 6.0%
[Low/Mid/High] Attack Damage 7.0%
Quick Attack Damage 9.0%
Strong Attack Damage 9.0%
Active Skill Damage 8.0%
Damage Bonus [Ninjutsu/Onmyo Magic] Power  B+
Counter-Human Tactics B
Counter Yokai Tactics B
Finishing Flair B
 Melee Ki Damage  Melee Ki Damage 7.0%
Mid Attack Ki Damage 5.0%
High Attack Ki Damage 5.0%
Strong Attack Ki Damage 8.0%
Active Skill Ki Damage 12.0%
Attack Ki Consumption Melee Ki Consumption -5.0%
[Low/Mid/High] Attack Ki Consumption -6.0%
Quick Attack Ki Consumption -6.0%
Strong Attack Ki Consumption -6.0%
Active Skill Ki Consumption -6.0%
_ Power Ninjutsu Power 40
Onmyo Magic Power 40
Untouched _ Untouched Ninjutsu 8.0%
Untouched Onmyo 8.0%
No Conflict Guard Ki Consumption -6.0%
Dodge Ki Consumption -7.0%
Dash Ki Consumption -7.0%
Amrita Earned 10.0%
Ki 55
Life 370
Toughness 15
Ki Recovery Speed 7.6%
Luck 40
Equipment Drop Rate 7.0%
Item Drop Rate 7.0%
Ethereal Drop Rate A+
Anima Charge 6.0%
Sentience Charge 100.0%
Amrita Gauge Charge 10.0%
Extended Yokai Shift 8.0%
Damage Taken -3.0%
Ranged Damage 8.0%
Elemental Damage 7.0%
Elemental Damage Taken -10.0%
Elemental Damage Taken (Guarded) -15.0%
Ailment Affliction Duration -25.0%
Life Drain (Melee Kill) 374
Increased Attack (Winded Enemy) -
Extended Dodge Invulnerability -
Ultimate [Constitution/Courage/Dexterity/ Heart/Magic/Skill/Stamina/Strength] None of these conflict with each other
Mystic Dyad [WEAPON] Multiples Conflict
Extended Curse Nullification +40.0%
Rarity Inheritance (Scroll Transference) -
Path of... (Scroll of the Damned Exclusive) Path of the Avaricious Greatly Increases the Loot Drop Rate in exchange for reducing your maximum health.
Path of the Beast Increases the damage and Ki damage dealt by yokai abilities in exchange for consuming more Anima when using them.
Path of the Demon Extends the Duration of Status enhancements, In exchange, status ailments will also be extended, and can only be removed through the passage of time.
Path of the Gods Greatly increases the amount of Ki recovered when performing a Ki pulse. In exchange, your Ki recovery speed will drop drastically.
Path of the Ravenous Greatly recover health whenever you absorb Amrita. In exchange, your rate of earning Amrita will be Decreased
Path of the Ruthless Increases Damage dealt by melee attacks and speeds up Ki recovery. In exchange, this greatly increases damage received.

What to do with Unwanted Scrolls

There is no way to deconstruct or sell unwanted Scrolls, so players can either destroy them from the menu or drop them during a mission. Otherwise, you can use them as fodder for Scroll Inheritance.


Notes & Tips

  • Scroll missions can be an excellent way to farm specific enemies and bosses for their materials and equipment.



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