Soul Core Box

soul core box
Type Accessories
Defense ??
vs. Physical 0
vs. Fire 0
vs. Water 0
vs. Lightning 0
vs. Poison 0
vs. Paralysis 0
Requirements heart nioh 2 wikiHeart 9
magic nioh 2 wikiMagic 9

Soul Core Box is one of the Accessories in Nioh 2. They provide the player with passive bonuses to attack, defense, drop rates, and many more. Players can equip up to two accessories which can be managed in the equipment menu.


Soul Core Box Information

A box crafted with great care by the Onmyo mage, Abe no Seimei as a gift for Minamoto no Yorimitsu. Yorimitsu used the box to store soul cores, calling on the power of the Nigitama stored within to help of their missions extermination yokai. A crudely folded paper crane also sits inside, bu it is unclear whether it aids function of the box anyway


Soul Core Box Special Effect

Equipping an accessory provides the wearer with unique special effects, this icon fixed property nioh 2 wiki guide identifies the accessory's special effect. This accessory grants:

   This accessory can have these Restricted Special Effects

  • Fire Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Lightning Damage
  • Elemental Damage

Soul Core Box Tips

  •  On top of being a part of the Imperial Ward set, it also has the unique and powerful effect of allowing you to use a Yokai Ability even if you cannot afford to do so, at the cost of locking you out of Anima until you can make up the difference. If you have a high Anima fill build, this accessory allows you great flexibility in how much Anima you can spend, and this accessory is very strong just for that alone.

Soul Core Box Location/Where to Find



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