Scroll of the Demon

Type Accessories
Bonus Randomized
Requirements --

Scroll of the Demon is one of the Accessories in Nioh 2. They provide the player with passive bonuses to attack, defense, drop rates, and many more. Players can equip up to two accessories which can be managed in the equipment menu.


Scroll of the Demon Information

A celebrated scroll depicting a procession of yokai and demons. It is a variation of the celebrated Hyakki Yako, Night Parade of One Hundred Demons. It was originally painted by an artist who despaired of the unrest of his era and prayed only that peace would return to the world. Sadly, this was not to be, and his frustrated desire curdled and became something far more sinister, explaining the sense of foreboding that this scroll inspires.
Unlock Dream of the Demon to take on this scroll's mission via the map of the region. Clearing the mission contained within a scroll will allow you to equip it.


Scroll of the Demon Special Effect

You can redo Scroll of the Demon mission to re-roll one of the stats on the scroll. Using Hundred Night Incense grants you an additional attempt on depleted scrolls.

  • Life Drain (Melee Kill)
  • Active Skill damage
  • Increased Attack
  • Elemental damage taken
  • Ranged Damage



Scroll of the Demon Location/Where to Find

  • Complete Scroll of the Demon mission will grant you the scroll with random stats, you can equip it in a new slot under accessories in the equipment menu. You can redo this mission to re-roll one of the stats on the scroll.
  • Found at ??
  • Sold by ??



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