Ethereal weapons, armor and accessories that don't belong to a set bonus will receive one of these special graces., depending on how far into the New Game + cycles you are in.

Darkness in the Capital Graces

Any eligible item dropped on Dream of the Wise and above can be granted one of these bonuses, and so will any accessory upgraded to ethereal by the Stone of Penance.

Grace 2 Pieces 3 Pieces 4 Pieces 5 Pieces 6 Pieces 7 Pieces
Marici's Grace Life +358 Reduced Defense (Ninjutsu Hit) Ninjutu Power +70 Ninjutu Damage (Unscathed) +15.0% Untouched Ninjutsu +15.0% Empowered Ninjutsu A
Grace of Tsukuyomi Life +358 Reduced Defense (Onmyo Magic Hit) Onmyo Magic Power +70 Onmyo Magic Damage (Unscathed) +15.0% Untouched Onmyo Magic +15.0% Empowered Onmyo Magic A
Acala's Grace Life +358 Defense +100 Auto-Life Recovery (Timely Guard) Exteded Timely Guard Window Guard Ki Consumption -30.0% Rock Solid
Ame-no-Uzume's Grace Life +358 Faster Movement (Dodge Attack) Faster Ki Recovery (Dodge Attack) Dodge Range Up Dodge Ki Consumption -15.0% Death Dancer
Grace of Amaterasu Life +358 Life Drain (Melee Kill) 250 Life +580 Ki Recovery Speed +20.0% Auto-Life Recovery (Purification) Melee Damage (Unscathed) +20.0%
Grace of Susano Life +358 Damage Taken -6.0% Ki Recovery Speed +10.0% Increased Defense (Purification) Versatility Mystic Dyad (All)
Magatsuhi's Grace Life +358 Anima +1.0 Sentience Charge +100.0% Yokai Ability Damage (Corrupted Enemy) +15.0% Anima Charge (Awakened Weapon) +50.0% Melee Damage (Awakened Weapon) +20.0%
Owatatsumi's Grace Life +358 Saturation Accumulation +25.0% Ki Damage vs Saturated Enemy +20.0% Increased Defense (Timely Guard) Water Damage +30.0% Melee Damage vs. Saturated Enemy +35.0%
Grace of Kagutsuchi Life +358 Burn Accumulation +25.0% Ki Damage vs Scorched Enemy +20.0% Auto-Life Recovery (Timely Guard) Fire Damage +30.0% Melee Damage vs. Scorched Enemy +35.0%
Grace of Takemikazuchi Life +358 Shock Accumulation +25.0% Ki Damage vs Electrified Enemy +20.0% Faster Movement (Timely Guard) Lightning Damage +30.0% Melee Damage vs. Electrified Enemy +35.0%

The First Samurai Graces

These can only drop on Dream of the Nioh, and cannot appear on an accessory upgraded to ethereal by the Stone of Penance.
The exception to this is Sukunahikona and Tajikaro's Grace, which can't drop at all normally, and can only be accessed by giving a big sudama the proper recipe of items.

Grace 2 Pieces 3 Pieces 4 Pieces 5 Pieces 6 Pieces 7 Pieces
Grace of Futsunushi Life +434 Ki Recovery Speed +10.0% Ki Pulse Recovery +30.0% Melee Attack Ki Consumption -10.0% Melee Damage +10.0% Sheathed Active Skill Damage +40.0%
Izanagi's Grace Life +434  Ki Recovery Speed +10.0%  Increased Defense (Purification) Purified Accumulation (Enemy) +30.0% Melee Damage (Purified Enemy) +30.0% Cleansing Prayer
Izanami's Grace  Life +434 Other Realm Resistance +50 Life Recovery (Yokai Realm) Anima Charge (Dark Realm) +25.0% Living Dead Melee Damage (Dark Realm) +40.0%
Ninigi's Grace  Life +434 Damage Taken -5.0% Ki Recovery Speed +15.0%  Active Skill Ki Damage +15.0% Melee Ki Damage +30.0% Finishing Flair AA
Okuninushi's Grace  Life +434  Elemental Transmission  Ki Recovery Speed +15.0% Elemental Weapon Damage +10.0% Darting Blade A Elemental Weapon Damage +15.0%
Takeminakata's Grace  Life +434  Damage Taken -5.0%  Ki Recovery Speed +15.0%  Melee Attack Ki Consumption -8.0% Melee Damage +12.0% Active Skill Damage +20.0%
Sarutahiko's Grace  Life +434  Anima +2.0  Yokai Ability Damage (Yokai Shift) +20.0% Yokai Ability Charge (Yokai Shift) +30.0% Melee Damage vs. Corrupted Enemy +30.0% Blood of the Yokai
Omoikane's Grace  Life +434  Elemental Damage +15.0% Jutsu Power +60 Jutsu Item Damage +20.0% Jutsu Power +90 Untouched Jutsu +40.0%
Sukunahikona's Grace (Ethereal Grace Item + Any Helmet)  Life +434  Enemy/Treasure/Amrita/Kodama Sensor  Luck +100 Equipment Drop Rate +20.0% Untouched Saisetsu-Shin's Sake +80.0% Ethereal Drop Rate AAA
Tajikarao's Grace
(Ethereal Grace Item + Any Fist)
 Life +434  Faster Ki Recovery (Bare Handed) Increased Defense (Bare-Handed Attack) Increased Attack (Bare-Handed Attack) Bare-Handed Ki Pulse Bare Handed Attack Damage +500.0%

Underworld Depths Floor 6+ Exclusive

Grace of Shinatsuhiko Ki +150 Faster Movement (Amrita Absorption) Dodge Ki Consumption -20.0% Ki Recovery Speed + 20.0% Extended Status Enhancements +30.0% Melee Attack Ki Consumption -30.0%
Grace of Oyamatsumi Life +500 Guard Ki Recovery +70.0% Damage Taken -8.0% Damage Taken Halved (Unscathed) 100% Life +30.0% Melee Damage +14.0%

 Underworld Grace Loot Pools

In the Underworld, each floor only drops a specific pool of  ethereal graces. This also applies to the first five floors for the Underworld Depths; after that, any grace can drop, including the two exclusive graces to those floors.. To know which pool you are in, divide the floor number by three, and look at the remainder.


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