Black Rain & Thunder

skill-nioh-2-wiki Skill Bonus B+ Break  62
magic-nioh-2-wiki Magic Bonus D+ Block 64
courage-nioh-2-wiki Courage Bonus C+    

Special Effect

 fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guide Dual Elements (Water & Lightning)

Black Rain & Thunder is one of the Hatchets in Nioh 2. This weapon works in conjunction with the Hatchet Skills skill tree. Hachet weapons scale best with the Skill stat, but also scale from Courage and Magic. So if your Build has high Skill, consider using this Weapon type.


Black Rain & Thunder Description

A pair of hatchets housing the power of lightning and water. Brought to Japan from China, it is said that the weapons were crafted by a monk who had mastered the five elements. 'Black rain' in Japanese is used to refer to relentless downpours, and as both rain and lightning originate in thunder clouds, the two elemental forces of lightning and water are thought to exist in harmony. It is for this reason that they have been paired in these weapons.


Location: Where to Find Black Rain & Thunder

  • Dropped by: ??
  • Smithing text dropped by: Tate Eboshi


Materials Needed to Craft Black Rain & Thunder

  • Tamahagane x3, Iron Platelet x2, Coral Fragment x1, Spirit Stone Carapace x1
  • ??


Black Rain & Thunder Notes & Trivia

  • See Blacksmith to understand weapon inheritance and properties.
  • ??





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