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Paralyzed is a Status Effects in Nioh 2. Paralyzed is a Paralysis-based status ailment. The afflicted becomes unable to move.


Paralyzed Description

A Paralysis-based status ailment. The afflicted becomes unable to move.


Paralyzed Effect

  • A Paralysis-based status ailment.
  • The afflicted becomes unable to move.
    This effect wears off immediately after attacking them again, though there is a brief period of time right after application where quicker attacks will not knock them out of the effect if they are the attacks that applied it.
    • For example, inducing paralysis using Whipper Snapper w/ Itokuri with the rapid stab part of the move will not remove the paralysis effect until the last, most powerful stab as there is a delay before that hit.
  • Paralyzed Human enemies are also put into a grapple state.



Paralyzed Notes

  • Yokai enemies, that were originally in a grapple state when paralyzed, will be put back into that state when knocked out of this effect. This allows for extended high damage combos even on enemies that don't allow more than a few hits in that state, like Karasu Tengu or Enki.



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