Wooden Switchglaive

constitution-nioh-2-wiki Constitution  Bonus C Break 81
skill-nioh-2-wiki Skill Bonus C Block 48
magic-nioh-2-wiki Magic Bonus B+    

Special Effect

fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guide Proficiency Bonus

Wooden Switchglaive is one of the Switchglaives in Nioh 2. This weapon works in conjunction with the Switchglaive Skills skill tree, and usually has good scaling with the Magic stat. It also scales with Constitution and Skill. So if your Build has high Magic, consider using this Weapon type.


Wooden Switchglaive Description

A wooden switchglaive used for training purposes. Just like wooden swords, these training weapons were made from light materials such as oak. Although originally made as a training tool, the weapon has been modified to make it effective in real combat. This modification could only have been made by the most skilled of artisans.


Location: Where to Find Wooden Switchglaive

  • Dropped by: Mumyo
    • This item cannot be found as a normal drop otherwise.


Materials Needed to Craft Wooden Switchglaive

  • Ingot x1
  • Wood x5


Wooden Switchglaive Notes & Trivia

  • See Blacksmith to understand weapon inheritance and properties.
  • This weapon is considered a Striking weapon, as opposed to normal switchglaives, which are slashing weapons, as this switchglaive has no blade. This means it does 25% less melee damage and 25% more Ki damage compared to an identical weapon.





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