Astral Wisdom


Gain Astral Wisdom when you complete missions or acquire new types of Soul Cores.

Astral Wisdom is a Stat in Nioh 2.


Astral Wisdom

Astral Wisdom is a minor stat which primarily reflects the player character’s progression through the campaign. Astral Wisdom is not functionally tied to any other stats. There are two known ways of gaining Astral Wisdom:

  • Completing missions for the first time (a checkmark on any mission = 1 Astral Wisdom, each difficulty counts separately, online missions do count);
  • Acquiring a new Soul Core for the first time (it will not register until it is purified at a Shrine or by leaving the mission).

Astral Wisdom has two primary effects in the game:

  • Enabling the player to understand Yokai (changing their subtitles from Yokai language symbols to the player’s chosen language; generally, stronger Yokai require a higher level of AW to understand);
  • Many skills in the Shiftling Skill Tree cannot be accessed until you have a certain amount of Astral Wisdom, similar to weapon skills being locked behind Dojo Missions.


Agility  ♦  Anima (Stat)  ♦  Attack (Melee Weapon 1)  ♦  Attack (Melee Weapon 2)  ♦  Attack (Ranged Weapon 1)  ♦  Attack (Ranged Weapon 2)  ♦  Block (Melee Weapon 1)  ♦  Block (Melee Weapon 2)  ♦  Break (Melee Weapon 1)  ♦  Break (Melee Weapon 2)  ♦  Break (Ranged Weapon 1)  ♦  Break (Ranged Weapon 2)  ♦  Constitution  ♦  Courage  ♦  Dexterity  ♦  Equipment Weight  ♦  Heart  ♦  Ki (Stat)  ♦  Ki Recovery Speed (Stat)  ♦  Level  ♦  Life (Stat)  ♦  Magic  ♦  Ninjutsu Power (Stat)  ♦  Onmyo Magic Power (Stat)  ♦  Skill (Stat)  ♦  Stamina  ♦  Strength  ♦  Toughness (Stat)  ♦  vs. Fire  ♦  vs. Lightning  ♦  vs. Paralysis  ♦  Vs. Physical  ♦  vs. Poison  ♦  vs. Water


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