Nimble Slice

Nimble Slice
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Custom Active Skills
Running Water: Earth

Nimble Slice is one of the Samurai Skills in Nioh2. Nimble Slice is a Custom Active Skills that Reduces the damage dealt by certain Active Skills by 20%. In exchange, they will consume less ki to perform. Ki Consumption Rate 0.9.


Nimble Slice Description

Reduces the damage dealt by certain Active Skills by 20%. In exchange, they will consume less ki to perform. Ki Consumption Rate 0.90

 See Custom Active Skills for information on how to equip this skill.

The in game description is false. It actually decreases the damage of the Active Skill by 25%, rather than the stated 20%, to decrease the Ki used by 10%. This decrease in Ki Consumption is Multiplicative with other, similar effects, so it cannot be used to get to -100% Reduction. The Decrease in damage is Multiplicative with everything, meaning you can not mitigate it in any way.

Because of the severe decrease in damage, this is best used for skills that have utility outside of damage, such as the high Ki damage of Reaper.

Builds that use Nimble Slice

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