Dragon Sword

heart-nioh-2-wiki Heart Bonus B+ Break 64
strength-nioh-2-wiki Strength Bonus C Block 42
skill-nioh-2-wiki Skill Bonus C    

Special Effect

 fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideDragon Ninja

Dragon Sword is one of the Sword Weapons in Nioh 2. The Dragon Sword, like all swords, has a good balance between offense and defense, and is a good choice if you aren't sure what sort of Enemies you will be facing. Swords also scale very well with the Heart stat, so if your Build has high Heart, consider using this Weapon type.


Dragon Sword Description

 An evil mystical blade said to have been shaved from the fang of a dragon god. It was passed down from generation to generation in a clan of dragons, who were thought to be descended from warriors that used the sword to purge the world of evil in ancient times. The Hayabusa ninja clan are believed to be heirs to this clan. This blade houses such incredible power that wielding it with reckless abandon is enough to bring about ruin and chaos. Its power is kept sealed away and only utilized in times of dire need.


Location: Where to Find Dragon Sword


Materials Needed to Craft Dragon Sword

Dragon Sword Notes & Trivia

  • See Blacksmith to understand weapon inheritance and properties.
  • While the True Dragon Sword effect is active, this gains a gem on it's hilt and glows purple to reflect the change.


Akechi Chikakage  ♦  Atagi Sadamune  ♦  Azai Ichimonji  ♦  Bizen Ichimonji  ♦  Bizen Kageyasu  ♦  Bizen Osafune  ♦  Bizen Tachi  ♦  Bizen Uchigatana  ♦  Blossomed Blade  ♦  Dancing Blade  ♦  Demon's Maw  ♦  Demon Cutter  ♦  Demon Horde Katana  ♦  Dodanuki Masakuni  ♦  Dojikiri Yasutsuna  ♦  Great Kanemitsu  ♦  Haccho Nenbutsu  ♦  Heshikiri Hasebe  ♦  Hikoemon Ichimonji  ♦  Hosho Sadayoshi  ♦  Jikkyu Mitsutada  ♦  Juzumaru Tsunetsugu  ♦  Kaikunigo  ♦  Kenmyoren  ♦  Kiku-Ichimonji  ♦  Kobizen Tomonari  ♦  Kusanagi Tsurugi  ♦  Mantra Sword  ♦  Mikazuki Munechika  ♦  Mino Uchigatana  ♦  Onimaru Kunitsuna  ♦  Osafune Kanemitsu  ♦  Raikiri  ♦  Senjuin Tachi  ♦  Senjuin Uchigatana  ♦  Smirkwiper  ♦  Sohaya Tsurugi  ♦  Starcutter Sword  ♦  Swift Hawk  ♦  Taima Kuiyuki  ♦  Tengu Slayer  ♦  Tokagemaru  ♦  Transient Blade  ♦  Udoto  ♦  Usumidori  ♦  Water God Slayer  ♦  Wave Swimmer  ♦  Wooden Sword  ♦  Yamato Tachi  ♦  Yamato Uchigatana

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