Umbracite Fragment

Type Smithing Material
Max. Player Capacity ???

Umbracite Fragment is a Smithing Material in Nioh 2. Smithing Materials are used by blacksmiths to forge and/or upgrade various Weapons and Armor. These materials can be obtained in various ways, such as rewards from completing Missions, dropped by EnemiesBosses, randomly looted at various locations, or it can also be found inside chests.

Umbracite Fragment is one of the qualities of Umbracite, the other ones being Umbracite, Quality Umbracite and Fabled Umbracite

The various Umbracite are used to Temper gear at the Blacksmith. When Tempering gear, four selection boxes of traits appear with random traits in each. From first to last selection box, traits are increasingly likely to be rare. However, all traits can appear in any selection box. The player can pick any trait from the list they desire to replace the trait they currently have selected on their gear, provided they have the Umbracite rarity to do so. The first selection box requires Umbracite, the second requires Quality Umbracite and the third requires Fabled Umbracite. The fourth is currently not in use. Higher qualities Umbracite can be used to Temper a trait from a lower selection box if desired, but the opposite is not possible. 

Umbracite can be crafted from 10x Umbracite Fragments and Fabled Umbracite can be crafted from 3x Quality Umbracite. Quality Umbracite can not be crafted.

Umbracite Fragment Information

A forging material used by blacksmiths.

This special charcoal forms when a tree is exposed to Amrita. When enough of these fragments are fed into a furnace, they produce flames laced with Amrita. They are used by smiths who harness Amrita to forge equipment.


Umbracite Fragment Effect

  • ???


Umbracite Fragment Required Material for Crafting 


Umbracite Fragment Location/Where to Find

  • Random drop from enemies



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