Crest Protection
High Attack (Spear) +6.0%
Bare-Handed Attack Damage +70.0%

Fukushima is a Clan in Nioh2. Players can pledge their allegiance to a Clan at the Hidden Teahouse to acquire passive Special Effects that affect all Characters linked to the account.


The Fukushima clan ruled over lyo and Owari Provinces (modern-day Ehime and Aichi prefectures). Its most famous leader is Fukushima Masanori.
As a distant relative to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Masanori served Hideyoshi as a page from a young age. He claimed the honor of -first spear" in the Battle of Shizugatake by being the first man to breach enemy lines, and continued to expand his territory as his military achievements increased, eventually becoming a daimyo. He did not get on well with Ishida Mitsunari despite their many years working together, and their animosity toward one another would only continue to worsen.
The Fukushima crest was once used by Hideyoshi when he still went by the name of Kinoshita Tokichiro. Its design is based on the threeleaf arrowhead. Since the leaves of the arrowhead resemble real arrows, the plant was also known as "victory grass" and considered auspicious by many warrior clans.

Fukushima Crest Protection


Builds that use Fukushima

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Fukushima Notes

  • The more you contribute during Clan Battles and the longer you stay in the clan, the greater the effects of the Crest Protection will be.
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